Last Update May 30, 2016
is a cancer medication.
Uses: Votrient is prescribed for Kidney Cancer and Sarcoma and is mostly mentioned together with these indications. Read More
Other brands: Pazopanib
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Last Update May 30, 2016
Satisfaction Score
Moderately Satisfied
based on 3,394 conversations around the web
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Positive 344 "I have been on Votrient for a year and a half. I had to have ...Good luck on Votrient, I haven't had too many bad side effects, some tiring, and diarreha, but not bad for the good it is doing."Read more positive discussions
Negative 332 "My husband was on Votrient for several months and experienced the hair lightening fairly quickly. ...He has been off Votrient for nearly 8 months and his hair color (on his head) has finally returned to... "Read more negative discussions
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Renal Cell Carcinoma stage IV help for a first time patient, age 48. Hi I'm Vic.
| Vic Gratta
Hello, This is my first time on here and asking for any advice. I was recently diagnosed with RCC stage IV . I had a radical nephrectomy, and nodules removed from lymph. They found it spread to muscles in my but and close to trachea. I was given options and am not sure what to do. A doctor close to home prescribed Opdivo at her local office. She's great, she found it initially before I had the kidney removed and told me to go to Sloan Kettering then. I did. They now have sent me another doc in house in NYC( about 2 1/2 hours commute). That specialist gave a lots of options for just a pill as the standard. (Votrient) or numerous clinical trials that requires extensive trips. The trials involve Lenvatinib and Pembrolizumab. And another is like pot luck with some random patients getting Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab vs some getting Sunitinib.
My question is what have any of yourselves found to be helpful so far. Would geography throw a curveball at you in this situation. Has anyone tried any of those drugs on trials or otherwise. Sorry so overwhelmed .

| pjpinel
Hideous side effects.
To extend life ~ 10% (GSK's bottom line) for a 90% decrease in quality of life . . .
No wonder Oncologists won't try this poison on themselves.
And then prescribe more drugs (with their own side effects) to suppress Votrient's side effects?
From the Hippocratic Oath to the hipocritic oaf.
Another lab rat in chemo'$ $earch for profit$

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Facts about Votrient

What does Votrient treat?
What does Votrient look like?
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Strength : 200 mg
Pill imprint : GS;JT
Color : Gray
Shape : Freeform
Alcohol warning on Votrient
There may be a negative interaction between Votrient and alcohol.
How do I obtain Votrient?
Prescription in the USA
How do I take Votrient?
What dosages are available?
Tablet: 200 mg
Food instructions
Avoid grapefruit or seville oranges because grapefruit/seville oranges may increase drug concentration.
Pazopanib Hydrochloride
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October 19, 2009
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