Last Update May 27, 2016
Vivarin is a CNS stimulant.
Uses: Our data suggest that Vivarin is taken for Tiredness, although it is not approved for this condition. Read More
Other brands: No Doz, Alertness Aid
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Last Update May 27, 2016
Satisfaction Score
No score available
based on 1,914 conversations around the web
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What people say about Vivarin

Positive 93 "I slept late today & was feeling tired sense I've been up so I took a nap for a couple hours. I still feel tired but I... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 61 "well im glad they found out whats been making you so tired. that is good news and that you can take medication for it. your food menu was good today too. i read you took vivarin. just to say i hope... "Read more negative discussions
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Vivarin Review
| Pre-med Student
Personally, this medication gives me horrible headaches, but it gives me such a feeling of euphoria that I am able to overlook the headaches. I only take Vivarin around finals week, but it really helps me concentrate on my school work and gives me a huge confidence boost that helps get me through those few weeks of hell!

Vivarin Review
| Kimberly
It's predictable. Gives you 3-5 hours and you feel it when it kicks in.

30 mg Adderall = bad breath?
| krinh
i take the orange ovals. 1 20mg and 1 30mg. i only recently switched to the 30 mg. used to only take 2 20's. after a while of taking the 30's [2-3 months] i have noticed a foul taste in ma mouth. only way i can explain it it when i had my tonsils removed and the healing process caused sever halitosis. i dont know if thats whats happening.... but i never had this bad of an issue with just the 2 20's.
November 12, 2014
@ krinh: This is why: Adderall dehydrates you so if you're not drinking at least your proper daily liter amount (which is based on weight, activity level, etc.) you'll suffer from a dry mouth as you probably know and this affects your normal saliva production. So the higher the dosage and the more frequently you take them you're are more prone to develop tonsil stones within the pockets of the tonsil area. You may not have any or may not know you do until they get wedged out over time. Tonsil s
August 29, 2014
Can confirm. It really isn't bad when staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. But it tastes like metal in my mouth (at first I thought I was getting sick or something, but the sickness never happened).
June 28, 2014
It's true and it's cause it dehydrates you leaving you without the salivation you usually have.
June 26, 2014
That makes no sense, Gabriel ...
June 16, 2014
Its because you dont open your mouth much to talk if you have your mou that closed for long periods of time you will get bad breath

Stomach Problems from Vivarin
| polo
The dose is way too much, so I cut them up. Coincidentally, I always have an upset stomach. Not sure if it's the caffeine, or the breaking of the coating.

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Facts about Vivarin

What does Vivarin treat?
Alcohol warning on Vivarin
There may be a negative interaction between Vivarin and alcohol.
How do I obtain Vivarin?
Over the counter (no prescription needed)
How do I take Vivarin?
What dosages are available?
Tablet: 200 mg
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