Last Update May 28, 2016
Sprintec is a pregnancy prevention medication.
Uses: Our data suggest that Sprintec is taken for Spotting and Cramping, although it is not approved for these conditions. In addition, it is prescribed for Acne. Read More
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Last Update May 28, 2016
Satisfaction Score
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based on 4,526 conversations around the web
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Sprintec Reviews
Below you can find comprehensive reviews for Sprintec, including its side effects, treatment effectiveness and alternative drugs.

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Positive 359 "I have been using Sprintec for almost two years and have not had any problems with it. I was originally put on birth control to slow down my breast growth (one ...I would highly recommend Sprintec."Read more positive discussions
Negative 425 "I switched from Levora to Sprintec b/c of cost. Since I started this med in August 09, I have anxiety attacks that I never had before. I feel jittery and off... "Read more negative discussions
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{Sprintec} is my go to Birth Control pill :) ??????
| Karen_23
About 2yrs ago I went through Surgery.
I had ovarian cyst and unfortuanetly one cyst had ruptured (It hurt like hell) , I had two options. One being to get on birth control (remove them naturally) or the second option which was to get them removed surgically. So i made my decision and took both options. As soon as I had surgery I was prescribed Sprintec for a year. I'll be honest I was a little scared i had seen girls i went to High School with ,gain so much weight, they looked unrecognizable. So I was afraid that it would also happen to me . but I took the pills anyway and it was the best decision ever made! I did not Gain any weight I actually maintained my weight & my face cleared. So I took it for a year and when it came time for an annual visit with my Doc. (He was an hour away in a different town) I said what the hell , why drive a whole hour . might as well find someone here. So I did and the gynicologist prescribed me Ortho-cyclen. She said the pills were like Sprintec ( just with another name ) I have been taking them for 5 months and I've gained SEVENTEEN POUNDS WTH!!!!!! not the same at all and my sex drive oh don't even get me started on that !!!!! So today I got my ass in the car and drove an hour and got back on my pills :)
It's definitely worth it !
So sprintec for me it is

No period, not pregnant.
| :)shelly:)
I'm 34, I've had regular periods my whole life. I started taking Sprintec after giving birth, then my doctor switched me to Junel. And I have had my first missed period. I'm several months in on this pill. I took 2 at HPT and they were both Neg. I had blood work done today to rule out early pregnancy and it was Neg. also. I Have a doctor appt. in a couple days to have am exam done to rule out anything else. I've been extremely upset about this, it's so out of the norm. for my body, but after finding this site and reading all the post of women missing their period while taking this pill makes me wonder if that's what going on with me.

| Pixie Pierre
This pill is just OK. I have random waves of nausea. All of a sudden I can't drink alcohol otherwise I feel like throwing up. Absolutely NO sex drive. I hate this pill. I started with Ortho Cyclen and switched to Sprintec because it was cheaper. Think I'll bite the bullet and go back to Ortho. The drastic change with this pill is just not worth the extra dollars.

| Jojojenn
I've been on this pill for three years and it's kept me regular, given me less cramping and cleared up my mild to moderate acne. I have noticed however that my discharge is a little thicker and that's made me susceptible to BV. I never use douches or anything like that but I do make sure I use a condom during sex and still clean up afterwards to prevent it.
I love how it made my periods regular, which used to come on a 4-6 week cycle, and my annoying acne is gone along with my moderate cramping. Only mild cramping and some fatigue during my period now which an Aleve will take care of no problem.
It has made me a little more emotional, I was the stoic type that never cried during a movie and now I may tear up from a sad news headline, but that's all I've noticed as for how it's affected me mentally.
When my prescription ran out a few months ago I did notice the acne and worse cramping come back along with a much more voracious appetite. I feel like the pill really helped stabilize my hormones. No I'm certainly not at my slimmest like how I could be off the pill, but I would also yo-yo up and down. I'm 5'6 and holding to a pretty stable 120-123 lbs with a controllable appetite now that I'm back on the pill.
And I haven't gotten pregnant.
I think this pill is great, my insurance covers it because it's generic but if it didn't it's only $9/pack from a Walmart pharmacy.

Sprintec and anxiety
| Jessellen
I've been on Sprintec for about 2 months and starting having major anxiety. I would obsess over something so bad to the point where I couldn't eat and it affected my sleep. My gyno said it "could be a possible side effect." I'm stopping it as soon as I'm done with this pack.

cramping in pain
| gracie3127
having lots of pain in my lower abdomen which really hurts alot it feels like labor pains

| emmalee
extreme increase in appetite

Weight Gain
| Alyssa C.
I wanted to get on birth control because I was starting to become more sexually active. I've always been an extremely happy person, and very small. Ive been on this pill for two years and have gained 40 pounds. I am 5'1 and have always had a very good small build. This birth control made me feel like it was impossible to lose any of the weight i gained. I was eating healthy and working out, but nothing changed. When i went to my lady doctor to talk to her about it she told me that "Birth control pills do not make people gain weight.." after hearing this i thought to myself that there is NO WAY that this happened all on me. I felt vert crummy about it. Although I have not had one pregnancy scare, it makes my period lighter, and i have no ance. It does its job yes, but you will gain weight.

Sprintec PCOS
| Jessica
I started taking Sprintec for PCOS. It took nearly a year for me to see any results but I definately did. Decreased facial hair and also lost A LOT of weight after taking it. Switched to Orthro by accident and I absoutley hated it. Made me spot more throughout the month. Would recommend Sprintec; just be patient with it.

Sprintec for Acne and PMS
| Shorty09
My doctor put me on Sprintec the first time I went on BC, to say the least I was so disappointed. The reason I was interested in BC was for my severe cramps and terrible bleeding since 7th grade, we're talking 1 super tampon holding for maybe an hour on the first day of my cycle. I also had acne that I couldn't get rid of, even with my antibiotic topical, so we decided BC would be the next step.
Sprintec didn't help me at all, the only pro was my periods were on time, but that's it. In fact I ended up gaining 15 pounds in the first 3 months I was on it and I became slightly depressed. I'm a pretty happy person and I'm very active and I eat very clean, however this pill made my life hell. So over spring break I went off of it and my period actually got lighter and I actually lost 5 pounds the first week off. Overall I don't recommend Sprintec if you're worried about gaining weight. I know a few other people who are having the same weight gain issues, who before going on it couldn't gain weight even if they tried, definitely do your research and talk to your doctor before going on this.
December 13, 2014
I started taking it last week. I didn't notice anything the first week but this week I've already gained 4lbs...I don't mean to sound shallow but I've always concentrated on keeping my weight steady and even lower. However, I started taking a medication called Propranolol (for headaches) the same day. I'm going to see my doctor on Monday about it. I'm thinking and hoping that it's the birth control medication but who knows??? All these different meds can cause side effects for one person b

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Facts about Sprintec

What does Sprintec look like?
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Strength : 0.25 mg / 0.035 mg
Pill imprint : b;987
Color : Blue
Shape : Round
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Strength :
Pill imprint : b;143
Color : White
Shape : Round
Alcohol warning on Sprintec
There may be a negative interaction between Sprintec and alcohol.
How do I obtain Sprintec?
Prescription in the USA
How do I take Sprintec?
What dosages are available?
Tablet: 0.25 mg-35 mcg
Food instructions
Avoid grapefruit or discuss with your doctor because grapefruit may increase drug concentration.
Norgestimate-Ethinyl Estradiol
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