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Positive 39 "The ingredientd are: Potassium chloride, potassium bitartrate, adipic acid, fumaric acid, silicon dioxide, mineral oil. I'm not sure if i could use... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 35 "com, Lexapro does contain silicon dioxide. ...The person who was writing about that theory thinks silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate might even be worse... "Read more negative discussions
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| Lcallman
respiratory short of breath

Skin ailments
| Kdog
I have red blotchy spots on head and shaft of penis, COUKD this be caused from an allergic reaction to silicone
May 14, 2015
If there is any white discharge or while spots you may have thrush. But I think this is only something a Dr can diagnose for you!

Silicon Dioxide
| Sylvia Liddell
Having a Pacemaker and two Titanium Heart valves I am loathe to take anything which contains Silica because I have done, not checking medication that I buy and discovered that it definitely affects the area where my pacemaker is situated, this has happened on a number of occasions. I find it difficult to obtain Glucosamine without Silica in it and do not want to take it with Cod Liver Oil as I do take Warfarin and I suspect this combination would affect the efficacy of the Warfarin, also I take Flaxseed for Rheumatism which can also affect the Warfarin efficacy, but it seems that taking the Glucosamine for Arthritis and Flaxseed seems to be helping, the only problem is to find Glucosamine without Silica and that is quite a problem. If there is someone who could inform me of a brand which does not contain Silica I would be very grateful as it definitely helps the pain in my Knee which I suspect is Arthritis.
Robert Fairbairn
March 10, 2015
I take MSM for arthritis as I found it to be more beneficial than glucosamine. I now use Niacin, B3, which has cut down the need for MSM greatly. I also take sea salt and water which has eased or eliminated many of my other health problems. I have found that I no longer have an acid reflux problem and I can now eat things like cucumbers without the bloating I would normally get. It has aided me in many other ways including my eyesight. To check out Niacin go to http://orthomolecularvitami

sulfite/sulfur allergy causing migraine headaches
| jennikine
ALLERGIC to sulfur dioxide- and it causes me migraine headaches.. I found out by eating fresh grocery grapes. I may also be allergic to, and/ or instead of sulfur dioxide, which is sprayed on the grapes to preserve them, it could be the naturally occurring sulfites that grapes produce after being picked. Although some grapes after being soaked in white vinegar to remove the natural preservative sulfur dioxide did not give me a migraine. So, I'm not sure if it's a type of grape that makes more sulfites as it ages on the vine and after picked, OR if it is sulfur dioxide. I just do not eat fresh grapes anymore.

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Facts about Silicon Dioxide

Alcohol warning on Silicon Dioxide
There may be a negative interaction between Silicon Dioxide and alcohol.
Silicon Dioxide
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