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Taken for: Spasms
Other names: Methocarbamol
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Methocarbamol (trade name Robaxin, which is marketed by Actient Pharmaceuticals LLC in the United States and Pfizer in Canada) ...
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Last Update November 28, 2015
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Does Robaxin cause Constipation?

#23 in Robaxin discussions - 52 posts discuss Constipation with Robaxin. Constipation is #23 concern in Robaxin discussions.
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We found 52 discussions
time though. My doc gave me robaxin. It is a muscle relaxer...
" ...the time though. My doc gave me robaxin. It is a muscle relaxer that doesn't really make you sleepy and doesn't affect your ...need any more help getting constipated... "
ays. So far treatment has been robaxin and motrin. Is this a...
" I have been diagnosed with sciatica. I have an odd ...only. I was on Cipro and am now not taking it. I've also noticed constipation and urinating just feels different. ...ten days. So far treatment has been... "
m not going nuts with the eating but I seem not to change i...
" ...Bizarre I know. Getting used to my new Robaxin dosage 6 pills a day ...but I know it causes constapation. I am sure one of ...the most Depakote and Robaxin. Figures huh? I'm not going nuts with the... "
so can,t take penecillin, or robaxin.Trial and error can ei...
" ...a year because i got bad constipation.They never helped anyway. Im also on fentanyl patches which causes same problem as the anmytriptelene added to it. Im now on pregablin since over a week ago and... "
been on Robaxin 750mg/2 tabs every 4 hrs for back/muscle...
" I have been on Robaxin 750mg/2 tabs every 4 hrs it. I do have blurred vision, poor balance & at time nausea also constipation. It is... "
I'm on Robaxin. It doesn't really do much for me. Klonopin...
" I'm on Robaxin. It doesn't really do much for me. Klonopin helps ...were nasty. (Dry mouth and constipation.) I'd have to say Klonopin probably was the best out of all of... "

will be at ease. I took Robaxin and Percocet and it was a...
" ...your injured muscles from spasming so much and making you hurt even worse. If you're sensitive to meds just make sure someone is with you like HJF said so you'll mind will be at ease. I took Robaxin... "
d he said he actually liked it and there's no side effects l...
" ...I told him a Robaxin for my neck which I hardly took and he said he actually liked it and there's no side effects like drowsiness from it. ...those meds, now I have constipation again because of the pain... "
eurontin & Robaxin. They don't help on laundry days...
" ...or hung to dry I was in horrible pain and went to take ...unwanted side effect of horrible constipation. The weed took me almost ...for work I can't even take the vicodin any longer, just Cymbalta,... "

ds--I took Robaxin a muscle relaxer---they were great and no...
" ...addition, the medication can cause constipation. I would recommend cool soft foods--to help your throat and constipation. Not sure about some ...and ask for new meds--I took Robaxin a muscle... "

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