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rash is a change of the human skin which affects its color, appearance or wikt:texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the bod...
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Benadryl 24,778
Prednisone 12,177
Hydrocortisone 10,963
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Rash and Sinus Infections

Treato found 2,372 discussions about Sinus Infections and Rash on the web.
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Sinus Infections
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Sinus Infections
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We found 2,368 discussions
Treat Rash On PenisI was given sulfamethoxazole t...
| www.prescriptiondrug-info.com
" Can Triamcinolone Treat Rash On Penis ...I was given sulfamethoxazole to treat sinus infection. I... "

iconazole cream on the rash, but he's in so much pain and w...
" Infant has possible sinus infection, rashes, diarrhea, painful. Given amoxicillin. Further? ...given amoxacilin for a supposed sinus infection,( his parents have live baby ...him pedialite and putting... "

t with diaper cream, but tonight, we noticed the red rash...
" ...My son has been on Amoxicillan for a sinus infection for the past 8 days. 3 days ago, he developed a red rash in his anus area. We have been treating it with diaper cream, but tonight, we noticed the... "

e was a kid and had a rash reaction too. Will she get a w...
| www.pharmacyreviewer.com
" ...night. She's been on Benadryl and the doctor gave her Omnicef for her eye/ sinus infection this morning. My husband probably has a penicillin allergy and hasn't been able to take it since he was a... "

a sinus infection. I had a red rash under the skin and the...
| www.healthcaremagic.com
" My dermotoligist prescribed me Prednisone 20mg tablet on 02/21/14 of which I had taken 01/07/14. The prescription I took in January was for a sinus infection. I had a red rash under the skin and the... "

t all up and still have the rash on my hands and chess and b...
| www.mdjunction.com
" ...had a sinus infection and got some antibodies from my dr. had an allergic reaction to the medicine got hives went to ER gave me predisone, pepsid,50mg benedyrl. I've taken it all up and still have... "

ad joint pain and now have a rash on both legs. I went to t...
| www.healthcaremagic.com
" ...infection and was given Augmentin I recently had a kidney infection and was given Augmentin for. I took it for only 3 days and a month (March 2011) later developed a Prostate infectiona and given... "

infection and had a HORRIBLE skin rash. It was only on...
| www.medicalnewstoday.com
" I was supposed to take Levaquin for 30 days to prevent a sinus infection and had a HORRIBLE skin rash. It was only on my ...the most painful and annoying rash I have ever... "

got that same rash when she had her sinus infection and...
" emilie got that same rash when she had her sinus infection and was on the pink stuff. it really does suck. the ped told me to use lotrimin (yes the foot powder) on her butt for the... "

op it, the rash comes back in force. Allergies are the us...
| community.arthritis.org
" ...the result of stopping prednisone. The theory is that prednisone suppresses what ever is causing the rash, and when you stop it, the rash comes back in force. Allergies are the ...sort it out. I... "

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