Last Update March 20, 2016
is a pregnancy prevention medication.
Uses: Our data suggest that Orsythia is taken for Acne, Spotting and Cramping, although it is not approved for these conditions. Read More
Other brands: Aviane, Lutera, Alesse
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Last Update March 20, 2016
Satisfaction Score
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based on 288 conversations around the web
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What people say about Orsythia

Positive 18 "so its been a few months since I have been off of it and I decided to go on birth control again and my doctor gave me Orsythia. I just wanna know altittle about it and how it affected some other... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 21 "My pharmacy switched my medication to Orsythia. I have only been on it 2 weeks and I am unbelievably bloated, my clothes hardly fit, I have gained weight, (probably due to the bloating), my skin has... "Read more negative discussions
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We found 288 discussions
I prefer lutera than orysthia
| Xogirl
I started off with lutera and I was nauseous for the first few months but it soon got better. However that was the only side effect I got. My pharmacy then switched me to orysthia and i experienced nausea, acne, and really crazy mood swings. I am now back on lutera and I love it even more because my acne went away and I am feeling a lot better emotionally. I hope to stay with lutera from now on. I'm still amazed that my acne cleared up after a week of going back to it !

Lutera is great
| Xogirl
I was first on lutera and at it made me nauseous for the first couple of months but it soon went away. I was then switched to orysthia because the pharmacy I went to didn't have lutera and I noticed a major difference I became nauseous all the time, I had really bad mood swings and got acne. Now I am back on liuters and instantly noticed a change. My acne went away and I don't feel as depressed as the orysthia made me feel. I like lutera way better than the orysthia

Great birth control that works perfectly!
| pacaqtqt
I've been on this medication since I was 17 years old and am now 21. I have come off of it and gone back on after messing up pill packs and the only symptom I've ever had was nausea in the initial adjustment period. I've never had a scare and never been pregnant- the pill does its job and I've never ever wanted to switch medications. The key is to just be consistent with it.

My doctor didn't inform me to start on the first day of my period
| Amy527
I am finishing up my 3rd week on orsythia and this is my first time using birth control & my doctor didn't inform me to start on the first day of my period so I didn't and hasn't had my period in a month, is this normal?

Orsythia Pregnancy Scare.
| Greenfox
I've been on Orsythia for about a year now and i take it like I should. Recently, me and my boyfriend were fooling around (nor regular sex) and I gave him a hand job. He wiped his hands off and we layed back down and about 15-20 minutes later he started getting me off, with the same hand he had sperm on that he wiped off. He did not finger me but he was on the outside and I'm a little scared there might be a chance of me getting pregnant. My breasts don't hurt, but I can't get any sleep (which might because of summer work), and I threw up once the other day and I have a massive headache. Please help! I might just be worrying over nothing but, well you know..
August 18, 2015
I don't think you're pregnant Hun. But if you're really doubting it take a test. Don't stress yourself over nothing. You'll make yourself sick that way.

So much acne
| Jcurry4
I hadn't had acne since high school and this pill brought it back. Terrible breakouts. On the plus side, I didn't experience any other side effects

Decreased Libido from Orsythia
| s
2 weeks into the first packet and I can't stand my husband.

Depression from Orsythia
| Susan
Made me extremely moody and emotional, I would suggest taking another birth control pill.

Lower back pain
| Katiee
Since last night I've been experiencing some painful back pain. I take orsythia birth control and I just recently started taking another pack. I've taken it since last October. Can this medication cause lower back pain ? Or is it something else.

Nausea from Orsythia
It seems like everytime i restart my pills after the placebo week, I have all of these symptoms. Nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, acne, dizziness.

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Facts about Orsythia

Alcohol warning on Orsythia
There may be a negative interaction between Orsythia and alcohol.
How do I obtain Orsythia?
Prescription in the USA
How do I take Orsythia?
What dosages are available?
Tablet: 0.1 mg-20 mcg
Food instructions
Avoid grapefruit or discuss with your doctor because grapefruit may increase drug concentration.
Levonorgestrel-Eth Estra
Approval Date
May 11, 2011
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