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Opiate Withdrawal and Seizures

Treato found 517 discussions about Seizures and Opiate Withdrawal on the web.
4.01% of the posts that mention Opiate Withdrawal also mention Seizures (517 posts)
Opiate Withdrawal
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I ended up having multiple seizures after coming off a...
| www.healthboards.com
" ...and Fentanyl combined and Xanax. The opiate withdrawal will make you feel real bad but the benzo withdrawal can kill you. Completed a pain rehabilitation program about 5 months ago after 8 years of... "

one can have seizures from alcohol withdrawal and it c...
| www.heroin-detox.com
" ...times that one can have seizures from alcohol withdrawal and it can even be deadly. They always said in DETOX that you couldn't die from opiate withdrawal, but you could die from alcohol or benzo... "

is possible to have seizures and to die from benzo or al...
| www.myproana.com
" ...it is possible to have seizures and to die from benzo or alcohol withdrawal. There is a detox in my hometown that is very rigid 12 step based, no psych meds, no suboxone. They give klonipin to... "

ridge having seizures� Mixing with benzos to sleep, alc...
| www.bluelight.org
" ...I am draaaagggginnnnng hard from opiate withdrawal. Since reading this I am ...couldn't even sleep without using crack/ or cocaine, and needed it every ...was under a bridge having seizures� Mixing with... "

comes to detox had a seizure behind it myself getting off...
| www.medhelp.org
" ...because if you don't have opiate withdrawal why would anyone in their ...doing the right thing now benzos are nothing to be taken lightly when it comes to detox had a seizure behind it myself getting off... "

than 1 opiate w/d. And I had a seizure getting off benzo
| www.bluelight.org
" ...he couldn't die due to opiate withdrawal. After he refused to work ...opiate w/d...and I'm off benzos and still addicted to opiates. I guess I'm an exception.dI'd rather go thru 1000 benzo w/ds than 1... "

Who would think a pill used for some times treating seizures...
| www.medhelp.org
" ...with the awful pill neurontin. I was taking 20-30 600 mg daily. When I would run out withdrawals would start and there comparable to opiate withdrawal and possibly worse. I've gone through both. The... "

ffer from seizures, hallucinations, heart palpitations, an...
| www.soberrecovery.com
" ...to be detoxed first. While opiate withdrawal is not fatal (you may ...won't), withdrawal from benzodiazepines (Klonopin, Valium) can often prove deadly. Long time benzo users can suffer from seizures,... "

re and she went into a seizure. I'm nit trying to be over...
| www.pharmacyreviewer.com
" ...don't stop taking the benzos cold turkey because seizures or death could result. When I was in treatment they told me benzo and alcohol detox are the only drugs that insurance companies have to pay... "

during opiate withdrawal due to the dehydration aspect....
| www.bluelight.org
" ...to popular belief people have died during opiate withdrawal due to the dehydration aspect. Seizures are another possibility at that... "

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