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Positive 9 "Hi, I am 30 yrs old a mother of one and I am on the two month contraceptive injection (Noristerat), I can't stop bleeding for a month now so my doctor is prescribing me... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 1 "...I have been getting pains 11 days now since my period is finished ...have an ovarian cyst due to my years of noristerat which helped block my ovary ...prescribed josalid 750mg and buscopan plus i'll keep you... "Read more negative discussions
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nauseas every morning and im on the noristerat injection
| Honey
so I have been sick to my stomach every morning as soon as I wake up. im on the noristerat Injection I get it every two months but I have even thrown up twice this is all recent within the past couple of weeks not really sure what to do so some opinions would be nice. I don't think im pregnant but my friends seem to think so. and I don't wanna take a test and scare my husband.
June 2, 2015
Did you find out if you were or not pregnant ?
June 2, 2015
I have the same symtoms not sure what is going on

Weight Gain from Noristerat
| Analisa
I began taking Noristerat in 2009, at the time I weighted 55 Kg. My weight is now 71.6 Kg. Other than this, no other effects.

Spotting from Noristerat
| in africa
was on noristerat for almost a year,stopped in sept 2014 since then i havent seen my period,while on the it i spotted once the month i started when i stopped in sept saw spots in oct since then i havent seen anything.i want to get pregnant next year

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Alcohol warning on Noristerat
There may be a negative interaction between Noristerat and alcohol.
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