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Menstrual Period Issues and Myxedema Coma

Treato found 6 discussions about Myxedema Coma and Menstrual Period Issues on the web.
1.04% of the posts that mention Myxedema Coma also mention Menstrual Period Issues (6 posts)
Myxedema Coma
Menstrual Period Issues
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We found 6 discussions
o happen. I once had a period where I was having up to...
" ...symptoms can do much harm. You won't go into myxedema coma... That takes quite a long period of TH shortage to happen. I once had a period where I was having up to 6 BMs a... "
before my period, and binge for 4-5 days. So, after...
" ...which led me to a myxedema coma and caused me to gain ...cravings a week before my period, and binge for 4-5 days. ...and I have already had to lower my medication for hypothyroid. I'm definitely not ready... "
s NEVER normal to not have a period. I did...
" ...diagnosed by a Rheumatologist. I was actually hyper at the time but ...what, for me to go into myxedema coma??? I would suggest you start, go to your gynecologist. It is NEVER normal to not... "
of stopping Levoxyl for a period of time?Not true.Are you ta...
" What are consequences of stopping Levoxyl for a period of time? Not true. Are your doctor first. You may be confused with Myxedema coma. This type of coma is the most severe form... "
to Myxedema Coma. Myxedmea is a state of decompensated hy...
" ...that has worsened in to Myxedema Coma. Myxedmea is a state of this case a long period of illness. I have seen ...medications ---- vigamox, PCN, phenergan, levothyroxine, maxzide,... "
a Myxedema Coma. During this time period she exhibited...
" ...sister was diagnosed with a Myxedema Coma.  During this time period she exhibited many psychiatric symptoms ...taking her regular doses of synthroid.   Several days ago she started... "

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