Does Meloxicam cause Weight Gain?

Last Update May 30, 2016
Weight Gain is a known side effect of Meloxicam
#5 in Meloxicam discussions - 183 posts discuss Weight Gain with Meloxicam. Weight Gain is #5 concern in Meloxicam discussions.
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Meloxicam is a pain relief medication (NSAID).
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Does Meloxicam cause Weight Gain?

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| Sherrir
Ive gained weight on meloxicam, but also take lovastatin, lisinopril and meterprolol. I want off of all of it! What can i do? I know side affects can be awful! Help

| Merila
As if being in constant pain wasn't bad enough, I've gained 30 plus pounds since starting Meloxicam & Cyclobenzaprin & Flexeril. I tried all 3 and ALL have left me bloated. Nothing fits anymore. I feel bloated when I haven't even eaten anything at all. I have been on a strict diet for 3 months, walking 30 miles a week, running 12 miles a week. So obviously it is the medicine.
I weighed 110lbs, I now weigh 138lbs. I cannot explain how uncomfortable this insta-weight feels. I'D RATHER BE IN SERIOUS PAIN THAN TAKE THIS DRUG EVER AGAIN. DONT DO IT! DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!!! SCIENTISTS WHO CREATED THIS DO NOT EVEN INDERSTAND WHY "IT WORKS". That is just insane. How does FDA approve this??? They are just in it for the money, NOT our health.
Hydrocodone works the best for pain w/out the weight gain. but they're now banning the use. These people who don't even live with chronic pain are telling us what we should and shouldn't take. It's incredibly outrageous.

Weight Gain from Meloxicam
| Rick L
I started using Meloxicam a week ago, and gained 7 pounds. Not only was it NOT effective, but I stopped it yesterday when I read about some of the other side affects.

Weight Gain from Meloxicam
| Laurie
I have been on meloxicam for five months and have gained 9 lbs. I just realized it's probably from the medication as I've been watching what I eat and getting some exercise even though I'm still in pain.

Weight Gain from Meloxicam
| Millerd
Felt great, but gained weight

meloxicam and weight gain
| murph
I have been on the atkins diet for 5 months and lost 53 pounds, I fell and hurt my hip the dr gave me meloxicam 15 mg I been taking them 7 days and gained 5 pounds.
June 26, 2015
Likewise. I have not changed my diet/exercise and saw a 6 pound gain in only a few days. I am wondering: is this permanent? Water retention or actual weight gain, and what can be done to reverse this effect? Thanks
February 15, 2015
Since taking it, I have an increase in indigestion also.
February 15, 2015
I have gained 5 lbs since taking meloxicam....coming off of it to see if it makes a difference; I am taking for arthritis
February 11, 2015
Hurt my shoulder at work loading suitcases onto airplanes... I gained 5 pounds in two weeks but haven't been taking my pills this week and still gained another two. It must be 'cuz I'm not working.
November 7, 2014
Same here. I was on a diet, and hurt my hip. I was put on mobic 2 times daily. Got on the scales this morning, and after only 2 days, gained 3 pounds. And I'm tired too. I've been on Mobic before. My pain is all but gone, though.
October 27, 2014
perhaps the 5 pound weight gain from your damaged hip caused the problem because you could not get around well enough to burn the excess calorie intake from the injury.

Meloxicam and Weight Gain
| ponygirl7
I have been on Meloxicam for about a year now. I had been successfully losing weight prior to that. I had not really noticed a huge weight gain other than my clothes had started getting tighter and not looking as slim as I had been. So I decided to try a few days without it and sure enough I had weight gain fall off in that short time. The pain in my knee is slowly coming back but I can't afford to be even heavier than I am already. I will say it does take the pain away almost immediately and you realize how much you have been moving around without the medication. I would recommend if you don't have the reaction to it. I think in the past year have gained a good 20 lbs just thinking it was diet alone.

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