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Lost Sense of Smell - Almost a Year Later - According to Pharmacist, it's too late to be true!
| Ellen S
I am one of the "anecdotal" cases who lost the sense of smell; initially it was a total loss; nearly a year later, it means there are many things I cannot smell at all. What I can smell includes: bleach, ammonia, citronella (maybe), detergent; cooking meat smells like the bottom of a waste basket, many fruits have a chemical smell. My sense of taste is slightly diminished, but I am thankful for what remains. The pharmacist, treating physician, and my primary care do not think I was overdosed, but I do. It was 500 mg for about two weeks; I quit early after I read I could lose my sense of taste. A few days later I realized I had lost the sense of smell totally.

Food tastes terrorist on benicar
| Precisionb
I've been taking benicar 40mg once a day and I've eliminated just about everything else about total loss of taste.
Not metallic but more like cardboard just unexplainable. I love to eat and cook but it has gotten to the point of just getting sick of eating anything.

| Mark_1
I started using this stuff about a month ago. My taste buds have been dying off - I didn't make the association until now. I thought the loss of taste was being caused by diabetes medication or the prescription strength mouthwash my dentist prescribed after cleaning my teeth a couple months ago. This Crest stuff is very bad. The government agency that approved it is evidently as corrupt as the rest of the Federal Government. Boycott Crest! I am...

| Jasonschneider Schneid
Agreed, my taste is gone except for one tooth. My tooth taste weird. Like it has a magnet

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