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does mint in sanitary pads have side effects

I was prescribed this for back pain. I took two at night and just the two tablets made me extremely sedated-feeling. I was supposed to take two the following morning as well, but only took one as I was already feeling very sedated and loopy/out of it. Mid day I began to get a cold sweat, then started to burn up and then feel cold again. Then came the nausea, and I actually vomited/my bodys way of trying to get this stuff out of my system. I followed the instructions I was given to a T (took with food, kept hydrated). I also found how dehydrating this medication is. My veins have been very prominent since taking, experienced severe dry mouth.. both despite drinking enough water, if not more then I typically do as I was told it could be a side effect. All in all, not a great experience by any means, and I can definitely see how it can be addictive for many as it is so sedating. I liked the calmness I felt but had horrible, horrible side effects.
June 12, 2015
I was prescribed TRAMADOL 50mg 2 four times a day for back problem due 2 accident at work 10 years ago they never do anything 4 the pain except give me a dry mouth I drink bottles on bottles of fluids and along side the dry mouth I also get very bad light headedness and very bad drowzzyness
February 19, 2015
I take them for my ADHD /Dyslexia and they make me focus and feel well.
December 13, 2014
Tramadol makes me very hyper - not sedated at all. I had a decreased appetite, lots of energy and felt great. So I suppose that could be addicting, however, I took it for 3 months, and had no withdrawal symptoms at all. No side effects except weight loss, and my mother told me I was more pleasant to be around. Which, of course, made me wonder if I was normally unpleasant.
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