Leg Dragging

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Last Update November 24, 2015
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Leg Dragging and Pain

Treato found 86 discussions about Pain and Leg Dragging on the web.
16.8% of the posts that mention Leg Dragging also mention Pain (86 posts)
Leg Dragging
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We found 85 discussions
mom has had good luck with pain control for disk problems...
" My mom has had good luck with pain control for disk problems (terrible pain down the leg, dragging the... "

d had to walk with one leg dragging behind me, crying. I...
" ...a ruptured disc - My pain was so severe I had to be stretchered into an ambulance. MRI's, osteo, chiropractic, sports massage, physio - you name it, i had it. Worst time of my life, had to get live... "

i use my crutches with my leg dragging as i have no use in...
" ...on 30 tablets including morphene then i must have something wrong and i just want a name even if theres no fix or anything it is the not knowing that is killing me. Orthopaedics have passed me on to... "

dical center that the pain was in my head. I have si...
" ...the 24/7 pain like Lyrica or Neurontin? Or maybe combo of drugs like other people have mentioned they are taking. But I somewhat what you are going through...I was told by a doctor in a world... "

ic. Has anyone else used the pain clinic - is it helpful...
" pain clinic Hi. I have had ...involves nerves. Worked through amitryptaline, gabapentin and am moving on the maxdoe of pregabalin. If still no success it's off to the pain clinic. Has anyone else... "

gripping my back one leg dragging behind me:0) hopefully...
" ...when one hand gripping my back one leg dragging behind me:0) hopefully come 3rd Feb when I get my med these pains and lose off balance will ease! Think? I have... "

melanie....my right ankle soreness led to foot/leg dragging...
" hello melanie....my right ankle soreness led to foot/leg dragging 2 years ago the pain was unbearable it went up ...a pool helps too...i get bronchitis about every 2 to... "

with the feeling of my leg dragging, to my left leg...
" ...rapidly, starting with the feeling of my leg dragging, to my left leg stiffening ...me limp, my legs got extremely weak to the point it ...Post op I still have a lot of walking issues causing pain and an... "

: Need AdviceHave left leg dragging, pain in hips, and s...
" Decompression Therapy : Need Advice Have left leg dragging, pain in hips, and sometimes stiff lower back. MRI shows buldging disc. Physical therapy didn't seem to do any good. Spine Dr.... "

very far without my left leg dragging and tripping me up....
" Don't worry about being on pain medications at 3 months post ...op. Everyone is different. Some people get complete relief from their pain with a fusion and ...walk very far without my left leg dragging... "

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