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Positive 4 "When for the first time done few exercises of scapula work (protraction work) at diffrent angles I had DOMS on seratus wich happend to me for the first time in 17 years history of training."Read more positive discussions
Negative 4 "really sorry to read that your leg pain persists. ...I know this by my own granny - she had spastic pains in the bowel for 20 years which were quenched only by very specific combination of anti-spasmatic... "Read more negative discussions
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Ketonal use , effect + side effects
| Ketonal (50mg) best for tooth ake
I have had an infection in my nerve causing my wisdom tooth to fall out and it was hurting me for two weeks afterwards so i took a ketonal (50mg) capsule once a day for 4 days after that my pain just went . I thought it was great until infection did spread to tooth next to it. Dentist couldnt remove it because it caused me unimaginable pain when she used the air sucking tool so she gave me some antibiotics to take 3 times a day for 5 days. after that i didnt come back for my tooth removal because I was scared of the pain since last apppointment. I didnt go back for 3 weeks . My tooth pain came back the next day so i took Ketonal (50mg) capsule. The pain went and i felt fine. Problem is it keeps coming back and i keep taking these Ketonal (50mg) tablets to ease the pain. Sometimes i even have to take Ketonal Forte which is a (100mg) tablet but sometimes that dont even help. I really dont know if i can face that painful encounter with my dentist :D . Also one of the serious side effect of taking ketonal is severe chest pains and taking ketonal in dose of over 150 mg a day can make your body resistant after period of time and even cause an addiction.

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