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Your throat is a tube that carries food to your esophagus and air to your windpipe and larynx (also called the voice box). The technical name for the throat is pharynx. Read more on
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Sore Throat and Intubation

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Intubation caused me to stop snoring
| JoeB
Several years ago I had carotid surgery and was intubated. Ever since then my snoring has ceased. I use to snore so loud it would rock the house and my wife had a difficult time falling asleep if I fell asleep first. Use to have to get separate hotel rooms when travelling with our kids because of the noise I created. I have been searching for an answer to "why" and have not found anything definitive. When I brought this fact to the attention of my doctor he just shrugs his shoulders.

After my surgery I had a sore throat for several weeks and did notice that my voice projection was not as robust as it had been. I'm delighted with the fact that my snoring has ended. I sleep much better and so does my family, I just want to know why.

I conject that the laryngoscope somehow modified/damaged some soft tissue in the back of my throat that was causing the snoring, but still am seeking a definitive answer. Has anyone else experienced snoring cessation after intubation?

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