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| PK1
Was taking Toviaz 4mg daily for over 6 years. My insurance recently changed and this med is not covered. MD wants to change to Oxybutin, any thoughts?

Pfizer / Bhoeringer Ingleheim only interested in profit$ not patients
| Sven85569
Pfizer / Bhoeringer Ingleheim will offer only VERY minimal financial help for me. I have only $1000 of parma insurance per year but they consider that to be enough. Since I need the medication (spiriva) in order to breath this is a very troubling problem for me. I have friends that cannot afford this medication and can get no help either. It seems that all they are interested in is making huge profits on those of us that actually need this medication to live.

2nd day of meds
| misscharles2004
Hi everyone. After waiting 5 years for a more acceptable treatment, the day has come. I am on second day with Daklinza and Solvadi. I have not experienced any side effects. I think I feel better. It is hard to tell and could be psychological. I was shocked at how fast and easy it was to acquire the meds. I was expecting a difficult time. My insurance CVS, sent to me in mail for a cost of 300.00 for 12 weeks. I hope I do not need extended Medes. I suspect I have had hep c for 40 years. I am concerned about people seeking treatment that cannot get meds. They should be available to all for free! This is an epidemic for goodness sake. God bless you all and hang on because I believe better days are on the way concerning this illness:)

Oxymorphone ER or twice a day eqilent to MS Contin three times a day at MED equivalent doses?
| PharmaGuy
I switched recently from MSContin 30mg TID to Oxymorphone ER 15mg BID. I am not sure yet how well i will compare as the washout of MS Contin , so far so good. Does oxmorphone ER really work twice a day coming from three times a day MS Contin. MS Contin was also suppose to be a twice a day long acting opioid for chronic pain. My doctor who is a pain specialist only gives me hydrocodone 325/500 TIce a day for any breakthrough pain which is quite fewuent after being sable for two years but the Morphine metabolites weren't helping and I believe started my.chroic kidney disease. The downside long term opioid use messes with your you hpyo-pituitary axis (HPA) causing all kinds of Neuroendrine problems. Adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone defiiency. and testosterone decrease, eventually taking out your normal thyroid function. It's called pan-hypopituitarism. That is what happened to me. I also had a pituitary micro-adenoma which didn't help. Muddies the true cause or perhaps potentiated each other to the outcomes. No one ever seems to discuss the HPA issue just abuse. There are a lot of people with complex medical history's and the government stepping in making it a political agenda doesn't help. When they discuss OD issues, where a majority are Medicaid patients the states formulary pushes doctors to prescribe Merhadone because it's cheap. However in my State of WA it's attributed to roughly 90% of the prescription related OD's. are related to Methadone. It's a "dirty" drug because it's so hard to mas

Why the hell are we having our medications made in India?
| tickedoff
I was on Valsartan 320mg/HCTZ 25mg daily for 14 years for my blood pressure from Mylan. Last year 5/2015 CVS switched me to that medication made by Aurobindo Pharm. Over a 5 month period my blood pressure increased slowly until it was 200/100 at home. Was seen in the ER that night and asked them why I had no symptoms of my pressure rising and they said it was because it was going up slowly and my body had become accustomed to the higher pressures. So I can only surmise that they were not putting the correct amounts of the medications in the pills. I have had to go on the name brand Diovan and it is costing me a fortune each month. Plus I'm having to deal with my insurance to get them to pay for the medication. No pharmacy in the city where I live has Mylan's brand of this medication and CVS will not order it for me. So let's save money and get our medications made in a 3rd world country so that our country can kill off more people with inferior medicines.

Hit & Miss, mostly miss!
| Matrosa Beem
I have just been given this medication for well, what ever it is I have. In 14 months, no diagnosis, so this medication is just another hit and miss trial. You know, 'the operation was a success but the patient died' scenario! I looked up the side effects and here's what I found 'dizziness, headache, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite, feeling generally unwell, difficulty sleeping, slow heart beat, (actually I have Atrial Fibrillation, heart arrhythmia problem), skin rash, itching and may cause difficulty in swallowing or breathing.'
I already suffer from all these ailments either all the time or most of the time.
My doctor knows all this because he's been my doctor for many, many years. Get another doctor? Go doctor shopping? Been there, done that! Only one brand, the same as I already have and even worse. Specialists, Surgeons? They only specialise in making money and being kowtowed to. The pillars of the community!
Of course they do good. The surgeon who was to take my gall bladder out refused to do so because I didn't have Private Insurance. One of his underlings did it while he watched closely. He was there, he could have done it, but he was a man of pride, principal and especially snobbery. His underling did a good job But Dr. Snob would have had to step in if anything went wrong. Of course I'll never know who performed the operation once the gas mask was put on zzzzzzzzz!
I'm not taking the Colese. My experience is not to have the experience!

Metro plus and cvs pharmacy is killing my son
| section10
My son autistic and diagnosed with precocious puberty at age 8 and from the he is in Lupron and then later on supprelin implant to suppress his puberty for 13 years . after 13 when he stopped the medicine he gets very aggressive behavior. So with the doctors help he continue the medication up until now but the insurance this year denying his medication . with the medication he acts like a normal 17 years old with no behavior problem . without the medication he is so violent he could dangerous to himself and others . the medicine cost 15000 to 25000 dollars . I cant afford this medicine .so my question who is responsible for his action? Does any one know the medicine called vantas and a doctor knowledgeable about vantas ?which I can afford to pay form my pocket .

Dexcom? I wish there was something else.....
| rcdayton
Dexcom is terrible to try to purchase from. Calling customer service will result in a 20 to 30 minute wait. We have a tier exception from a our insurance carrier yet they try to tell us we are not covered because they do not have a contratct with our insurance. The tier exception covers the dexcom at in network rates. They try to push us off to a 3rd party vendor. Trying to purchase from them has been a VERY negative expierecne. I wish there were other companies out there with a similar product that worked as well.

I need this for my 9 year old TY1D son that is not able to feel lows. My wife is up all night testing him and has not been able to get a full nights sleep in many months.

Good luck to anyone trying to purchase from Dexcom.....

Will the cost ever be lower?
| cat210
Is there any chance of the cost of Remicade infusions to be reduced? I've been getting Remicade infusions for over 10 years with EXCELLENT results. Now, I suppose I'm old, Medicare is my primary insurance with two other insurance companies. Suddenly, Medicare doesn't want to pay for the infusions. Since Medicare won't pay, neither will my other two. So...I'm already feeling the effects of my reduced dosage. ( they agreed to pay for 1/2 my dosage) Just wanted to know if there is any hope of the drug cost being reduced anytime in the near future. Remicade worked great for me with never a side effect. Too bad I can't continue, but as I I'm old and not contributing to the tax system. Don't get old!!!

not to believe or care enough about pain or agony of a human is sad reflection of the numbness of some people who can refuse to empathize with people who are not themselves in usa in mw
| margaret_2
interesting site. Healing pain and myofascia has take a long time, as many did not make connections which I finally able to find, including long-year, years or 1/2 a lifetime of having to be on point in life with some traumas to the point of ptsd diagnosis. Turned to medical marijuana as insurance refused payment of treatment of psoas and other muscles. Marijuna carefully used is helping. Sad how people cannot hear even when you are in pain and cry.

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