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My autoimmune is killing me one organ at a time, HELP!
| Tinker1964
Hello, Im looking for help desperately. Auto-Immune Disease is killing me one organ at a time. My body is attacking itself and doctors are not finding problem until to late to save the organ. Ive had a full Hysterectomy twice removed ovaries, 2 appendix surgeries (due to the docs leaving a piece of organ and it growing back diseased), full thyroidectomy of both the thyroid and para thyroids, my Gallbladder was the last organ to go just recently March 18, 2016 which caused me to bleed internally and have to have two units of blood, and fight Addison's, all due to autoimmune disease. I dont know and my 7 doctors dont know whats happening cause they dont see it in blood work or testing until the organ has to be removed in emergency surgery. I was never treated for the Graves disease cause it was to late, couldnt save gallbladder for the same reason. Im scared to death that Im down to organs I really need to stay alive and that we wont be able to find until its to late. Im at my wits end over this. Im not sure where to turn and scary when your doc says... "I really dont know". Does anyone know who I can contact to help me with this? Im limited I believe cause Im on Medicaid thru disability. Thanks for any help. and I pray for all of you struggling out there. Blessings
May 13, 2016
Lyme diseaee?

Trazodone is a miracle
| Trieka Kelly
Before I started taking trazodone, I couldn't sleep! Well I slept, but not very well. I was tired all the time, my whole body would sometimes ache because when I did sleep, I'd toss and turn constantly. My joints ached at night! My muscles jumped involuntarily! I started taking trazodone about 6 years ago. The first night was amazing! I remember waking up in the same position I fell asleep in. I was able to get up without feeling groggy! And I felt great all day, and didn't require a nap. I recently ran out of my rx for a week. (Insurance issues) and it was the worst week of my life! I had forgotten what is was like, I hope I never run out of my meds again! Ps. I've tyres other sleeping meds and they caused me to sleep walk and to do things I'd never do!

I can not afford this but it really works.
| chrissyjom
I had a Total Hystorectomy back in 2005. I have stopped my Estrodial 3 years ago. I also have not had sex in 5 years. I have been VERY dry as I do tear and bleed sometimes just from my underwear. I am now in a relationship and it is scary to have intercourse. I used Osphena a year ago and it did work, my Dr. gave me a month free. I would like to go back on this as I am in a relationship but my insurance will not cover it . It is $192.99 a month and I am on a fixed income..... How can I get help with this prescription????

Dexcom has customer service issues
| T1Mom
My daughter has used the Dexcom CGM for almost 6 years. We've never had any issues with getting supplies. In Sept 2015 I tried to order sensors. A month later, I gave up. We were nearing the warranty expiration, so I decided to order a 3 month supply when I ordered the new system. We tried ordering the new system, but Dexcom was so slow at getting paperwork, the end of the year came & our deductible reset. I contacted Dexcom on Mar 1 & was told they had all the necessary paperwork from our attempt in December. The rep said they would submit to insurance & I should hear from them the following week. On Mar 14, I had still not heard anything, so I called for an update. I was told once again they were ready to submit to insurance the following day. I called again on Mar 17 to verify the insurance submission. It had not been done. On Mar 31, I received an automated call, stating my Dexcom order was ready to ship. Once again, I called Dexcom to confirm. Once again, I was told they were ready to submit to insurance. Dexcom has a wonderful product, but their customer service is getting steadily worse. I'm hesitant now to even accept the new system, assuming they've actually submitted it to my insurance, because I worry I'll have issues getting necessary supplies going forward. At this point, I'm considering a switch to Medtronic. Dexcom may have superior accuracy, but thst makes no difference if they can't get their product to the customer.

Works great for my eczema!
| springacres
I have had eczema for as long as I can remember. I've been using halobetasol proprionate to treat it for quite some time - at a guess, 10-15 years. I know long-term topical steroid use can have deleterious health effects, but the only issue I've noticed is my skin getting thinner on my hands where the eczema is. And nothing I have tried so far works quite as well as Ultravate; unfortunately, my insurance no longer covers it, and my doctor has decided to try switching me to Lidex .05%, which has a slightly lower potency rating and a different active ingredient.

| PK1
Was taking Toviaz 4mg daily for over 6 years. My insurance recently changed and this med is not covered. MD wants to change to Oxybutin, any thoughts?

Pfizer / Bhoeringer Ingleheim only interested in profit$ not patients
| Sven85569
Pfizer / Bhoeringer Ingleheim will offer only VERY minimal financial help for me. I have only $1000 of parma insurance per year but they consider that to be enough. Since I need the medication (spiriva) in order to breath this is a very troubling problem for me. I have friends that cannot afford this medication and can get no help either. It seems that all they are interested in is making huge profits on those of us that actually need this medication to live.

2nd day of meds
| misscharles2004
Hi everyone. After waiting 5 years for a more acceptable treatment, the day has come. I am on second day with Daklinza and Solvadi. I have not experienced any side effects. I think I feel better. It is hard to tell and could be psychological. I was shocked at how fast and easy it was to acquire the meds. I was expecting a difficult time. My insurance CVS, sent to me in mail for a cost of 300.00 for 12 weeks. I hope I do not need extended Medes. I suspect I have had hep c for 40 years. I am concerned about people seeking treatment that cannot get meds. They should be available to all for free! This is an epidemic for goodness sake. God bless you all and hang on because I believe better days are on the way concerning this illness:)

Oxymorphone ER or twice a day eqilent to MS Contin three times a day at MED equivalent doses?
| PharmaGuy
I switched recently from MSContin 30mg TID to Oxymorphone ER 15mg BID. I am not sure yet how well i will compare as the washout of MS Contin , so far so good. Does oxmorphone ER really work twice a day coming from three times a day MS Contin. MS Contin was also suppose to be a twice a day long acting opioid for chronic pain. My doctor who is a pain specialist only gives me hydrocodone 325/500 TIce a day for any breakthrough pain which is quite fewuent after being sable for two years but the Morphine metabolites weren't helping and I believe started my.chroic kidney disease. The downside long term opioid use messes with your you hpyo-pituitary axis (HPA) causing all kinds of Neuroendrine problems. Adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone defiiency. and testosterone decrease, eventually taking out your normal thyroid function. It's called pan-hypopituitarism. That is what happened to me. I also had a pituitary micro-adenoma which didn't help. Muddies the true cause or perhaps potentiated each other to the outcomes. No one ever seems to discuss the HPA issue just abuse. There are a lot of people with complex medical history's and the government stepping in making it a political agenda doesn't help. When they discuss OD issues, where a majority are Medicaid patients the states formulary pushes doctors to prescribe Merhadone because it's cheap. However in my State of WA it's attributed to roughly 90% of the prescription related OD's. are related to Methadone. It's a "dirty" drug because it's so hard to mas

Why the hell are we having our medications made in India?
| tickedoff
I was on Valsartan 320mg/HCTZ 25mg daily for 14 years for my blood pressure from Mylan. Last year 5/2015 CVS switched me to that medication made by Aurobindo Pharm. Over a 5 month period my blood pressure increased slowly until it was 200/100 at home. Was seen in the ER that night and asked them why I had no symptoms of my pressure rising and they said it was because it was going up slowly and my body had become accustomed to the higher pressures. So I can only surmise that they were not putting the correct amounts of the medications in the pills. I have had to go on the name brand Diovan and it is costing me a fortune each month. Plus I'm having to deal with my insurance to get them to pay for the medication. No pharmacy in the city where I live has Mylan's brand of this medication and CVS will not order it for me. So let's save money and get our medications made in a 3rd world country so that our country can kill off more people with inferior medicines.

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