Does Doxepin cause Hair Loss?

Last Update May 25, 2016
Hair Loss is a known side effect of Doxepin
In 62 posts found by Treato discussing Doxepin and Hair Loss, no patients reported Doxepin causing Hair Loss.
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Doxepin is a sleep medication.
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Does Doxepin cause Hair Loss?

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doxepin & hair loss
| brian
Yes, doxepin does cause hair loss, and more hair falls out with larger doses. I am a 26yo male and I am tapering off this medication mainly because of this reason. I also use rogaine and propecia. I was taking 100mg doxepin for sleep and depression, but it actually made me feel more depressed. I am down to 50mg at night and my hair is a *lot* thicker now that I have taken less doxepin. The end goal is to get down to 0mg, this is a medication that probably should not be stopped cold turkey, as during the withdrawal process the chances of having insomnia skyrocket.

Other side effects from doxepin use, that I have had, are enlarged stomach, stomach noises (grumbling, bloating, gas), which I don't see why I got that, and some weight gain (about 30lbs!). I've only been taking it for 1.5 years, but I definitely want to get off this medication completely.

As compared to anxiolytics like Xanax and Klonopin, doxepin is right up there in terms of building up dependence, but I think it is a lot easier to get off of, simply due to the large number of negative side effects.

If you are a male, and haven't been taking doxepin for very long (<2-3 years) and you use rogaine and take propecia (finasteride), then your hair will likely grow back with a vengeance (a good vengeance).

I take 2mg klonopin every night for anxiety issues related to PTSD and GAD. The klonopin (clonazepam), is probably a drug I will have to take for the rest of my life, but it does not cause hair loss, from what I have observed. It is the doxepin that does....usually decreasing stress and mild sedation has a positive effect on reducing DHT and promoting hair regrowth.

Trick to regrowing your hair--throw everything you possibly can at it --- Saw Palmetto, niacin (probably topical is best bet), rogaine / minoxidil, propecia (finasteride), B vitamins, exercise, etc. I have a history of male pattern baldness in my family and I have kept most of my hair--probably because I tackled the problem almost immediately when my hairline was receding.

Doxepin side effectes (Stomach bloating and Hair loss)
| Ron
I was prescribed Doxepin about 45 days ago to help me get off of Ambien. The first side affect I noticed was an enlarged stomach but no weight gain. I did not have a trim waist to begin with but I was always able to see my belt below my stomach. My stomach has been making loud noises and my belly sticks out at least 2 inches further than before, without gaining any weight. I have also noticed a lot of hair loss just in the last 45 days I have started going bald just above my forehead. It looks like male pattern baldness. I need to get off of this medication.

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