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Diplopia, commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced...
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Double Vision and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Treato found 50 discussions about Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Double Vision on the web.
0.1% of the posts that mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency also mention Double Vision (50 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Double Vision
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We found 50 discussions
uddenly at rock bottom and bloods revealed b12 deficiency...
" ...large doses , 3 years ago I was, quite suddenly at rock bottom and bloods revealed b12 deficiency (just below UK range although would be considered quite deficient in other countries guidelines) 12... "

e are both describing can be related to B12 deficiency. I h...
" ...about vision problems. I have double vision, blurring, occasional pain in down to the B12 but am currently waiting for an appointment with the eye specialist. I have seen the orthoptist and she... "
and I believe that it was really a B12 deficiency she's had...
" ...symptom of B12 deficiency. My mum was officially diagnosed years ago with MS and the reason she was taken into hospital was because she had double vision, a headache and nausea. However B12... "
hey found she had b12 deficiency and once she got t...
" ...and this women was diagnosed with IBS.....severe diarhea for years and then it went to double vision, balance problems, etc.......eventually they found she had b12 deficiency and once she got the b12... "
hat i m suffering from B12 deficiency.. Due to that, some c...
" Suffering from headache,double vision. Homocysteine levels high. Vitamin B12 ...blood report suggested) And Vitamin B12 count was 223 in the report.. My physician told that i m suffering from B12... "
with MS. I also have a low B12 level. I have few symptoms...
" ...Dx with MS.  I also have a low B12 level.  I have few symptoms of MS. (Some double vision, \"sticking\" of the left eye, and some drooping of the right side of my face; all are intermittant) My... "
main goal is to prevent double vision/balance loss/vomit ep...
" I missing something? My main goal is to prevent double vision/balance loss/vomit episodes, not to balance ...nutrition depletion in general or B12 deficiency. In addition, I would like ...really have... "
have the extreme double vision of the ocular form o...
" I've had crohns diagnosed since 1987. This ...putting it down to my B12 deficiency. It got to the point ...and the day I started Mestinon for the MG the fatigue disappeared! I also have the extreme... "
2 long years with a chronic Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Major Sy...
" ...woman suffered for 12 long years with a chronic Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Major Symptoms were: * Chronic diarrhea multiple times a day * Tingling in toes & fingers * Double Vision * Occasional... "

xactly the same trouble as you focusing and double vision...
" ...cleared up since I've been on the B12. However I have exactly the same trouble as you focusing and double vision and it turns out my eye muscles are not working properly side to side nor up and down.... "

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