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| Aron lakhotia
Bad sleep in night and when I wake up in morning my nack and back r paining so dr priscribe nexito?

I think I need an Endoscopy.
| 1Diane
I have Gerd bad. Going to primary Dr. Tongue sore coated, coughing, sinus infections, sore throat, feeling nausea, a mess. Ompresoze doing nothing to help.

Paxil gave me facial rash and swelling and appetite increased
| Jul
I was on Paxil for 6 years. A year ago the skin on my face started getting inflamed and itchy. For a year I had a red face, was diagnosed with rocesea, really it looked like a Lupus rash. In addition, I have gained 70 lbs from over eating, Paxil increases appetite. I had no inclination to exercise. Paxil stated negatively affecting my autoimmune system. I was always feeling sick, flu like symptoms. I consulted with 2 shrinks and 1 dermatologist. All said it was not the Paxil. I am off of Paxil with the help of a totally different doctor, and my face is clear, no redness, no swelling, no itching which plagued me for almost a year. I am losing weight too. I am not recommending you take Paxil or not take it. I am just sharing my experiences.

| Teresia
My hair is falling out as well. Will check with my doctor in February. Good results using it for Sarcoidosis in the lungs.

| Venkateshwar Rao Dasari
I have been taking restyl 0.5 mg*2(Alprazolam) tablets for over 20 years, I am 50 years old now and recently my doctor advised me to switch to nitrest 5 mg*1(Zolpidem). Would you please let me know if the dosages are one and the same.

Need help getting medication that I've been taking for almost 14 years, without having to go to the streets. No insurance=no help from MDs/phycologist!
| PoppyGreco
I need a place to get the medication(s) that I have take for 13-14 years. My doctor retired and it has been hell to find a doctor, phycologist! I've been taking the blister packs of Alprax, Tranax, and "Banakins" in place of the 4- 2mg alprazolam daily. I get the medication I listed above, from a person that doesn't order them for the right reasons. I need to get them for MYSELF, to take ONLY for MYSELF. I think I posted a comment/question a few minutes ago, but I'm new, as of a few minutes ago, but not sure it got posted. Please send me some help! Need to get medication so that I'm not in withdrawals, or worse, buying off the streets, and God forbid, I get something fake, or worse, get something that, in conjunction with Xanax or klonopin, could hurt me! Thanks! In need of help to locate my own way to get this medication to live life without the worry of being without my medication.

Butrans not working
| Alexandria
I had been on 7.5 mg hydrocodone for years for pain and decided to try Butrans patch. My doctor started me on 5mcgs and went to 10mcgs before the week was over. I am still having a lot of pain and having to take hydrocodone. I have a feeling the Butrans is not for me. My doctor did not prescribe me the hydrocodone with the Butrans so I have an appointment coming up to switch back. Had anyone else had this problem?

problem with serdep
| Denison
I had a problem of an early ejaculation and my dr prescribe a serdep 50mg said is cause by anxiety, i did help though at that time but the problem is that if i dont drink them for two days i become dizzy, Is anyone have the same problem as mine because at the chemist they i will drink them for the rset of my life.

| daisy_1
Hello just wanted to ask a question . What is the best medicine for his SGPT Was high 137.72... the Dr. just gave a vitamins. . Thank you

Menopause, period, colonoscopy It happened to me
| Zam
I have not had any more periods for four years. I had my 2nd colonoscopy, a 5 yr recheck. About 30 hours later I have a period. It has been getting close to a normal one. The dr that did the colonoscopy did not find anything. He said in 20,000 surgeries he had never heard of this. Just in case I am going to the Gyn next week.

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