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Switch to Valium from Klonopin. What dosage ?
| Suzanne ftom
I was just diagnosed with Ménière's disease. I get very very sick with vertigo and will vomit for days along with the extreme anxiety in addition to the anxiety and panic attacks that I already have. I have been diagnosed with GAD and anticipatory anxiety. I currently take Clonopin 1 mg three times a day. The doctor, my ENT doctor says I need to switch to Valium, I will need to ask my other Doctor Who treats my anxiety about possibly making the switch however what would be The correct dosage for Valium. I have been taking Clonopin for 10 years. Without much change in dosage. May be a tweak here there during particularly bad months. I still need to be able to control my anxiety as well as being able to control the vertigo and vomiting

Does the implant effect pregnancy test results?
| AliciaW
Can Nexplanon effect the results of a pregnancy test?

I've had it since last November and I'm worried that I'm pregnant since I haven't had my period in a while. I took two tests a week apart. They both came up negative, but I'm still worried that I could be pregnant.

Should I check again or go to a doctor?

Restavit/dozile/doxylamine succinate - very dangerous drug
| Manfa
I have been taking Restavit, under medical supervision, for 5 years. Every single doctor I see (my regular GP and 5 specialists) plus the pharmacy I go to regularly, have completely Failed to notice the side effects I was suffering from, or to inform memos the possible side effects. World-wide there have been over 1000 suicides directly linked to r
Doxylamine succinctly, amongst patients with no previous depression or mental,health problems. I have suffered from constant hives, inability to urinate, depression, muscle tremors, terrible dizzy spells, nervous system over-stimulation and ultimately severe suicidal ideations whilst taking this drug. Not one physician ever correlated these problems with Restavit - it was my last suicide attempt that finally bought it to light. This is not a drug that should be sold over the counter. Ever. Pharmacists and their assistants seem to be completely unaware of its dangers and no information about these side effects has ever be n supplied in any packet sold to me by an Australian pharmacist. I have had to to use cortisone cream 5xper day+ to control the rash on my face, which has destroyed my skin as well as being disfiguring. I cannot drive a car due to the ongoing muscle tremors and dizzy spells. My life has been almost destroyed by this drug. DO NOT TAKE RESTAVIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THERE ARE MUCH SAFER OPTIONS. I would lik to see a class action against the manufacturers, who have deliberately soft-pedalled information concerning side effects and who have strenuously resisted all calls in Australia for the drug to be withdrawn from sale OTC.

bulbar motor neurone
| dn2512
i have bad experience on fine day while having breakfast i bite my own tongue after diagnosed doctor confirmed is bulbar motor neurone
Anyone can help or asssit as i have lot of saliva in the mouth

Gardasil 'can' STOP periods
| April Love
My 14 not prg daughter had normal periods her last was in Nov '15. She got Gardasil shot Dec 7th and the 2nd Feb7ish. Still no period. Her fraternal twin only skipped Feb, but so far she's super late for April. Their doctor wants first one to get all types of tests done, but it seems clear to me what the culprit was! I'll still get the tests, but I believe 100% Gardasil can stopped periods 4 months now, not pregnant Thank goodness there.

Idk what to do! Am Trapped!
| Kelley prince
I have been taking seroquil for like 12 yrs. I did not think I was addicted. till I could not get in due to insurance. Am on 450 mg. I didn't not sleep or eat for 5 days. 1 dose I was normal! Idk what to do. If I told a doctor. First thing they will do is take it. And that scares me to death! All so with out insurance it cost 1,200!

OHSS again...
| BECKI225
I have one little girl through IVF. I had OHSS the first time and ended up in hospital with it. I was concerned about getting it this time and spoke to the Dr. She said they'd change the drugs so that I wouldn't but here I am looking 6 months pregnant 4 weeks in.
Happily I am, well I've had a positive on my first official test (and about 30 unofficial ones). I'm just worried at how it will affect me this time as I'm already struggling to run around with my 2 year old. And was told I wouldn't have this problem anyway :(
Symptoms are the huge tummy. I walk like a pregnant woman already so people keep asking questions.
I've also had a cold throughout so runny nose, sneezes and my throat feels as if it's closing up.
I've been drinking isotonic drinks and upped my protien intake as advised by the docs and hope I don't end up in hospital again!
I hope you guys are all coping okay and I know we should think positive.
Good luck everyone!

I have high white cells low Orion and low enema levels
| Helpless
I found out my white blood count is high my Dr told me to diet but I gain 5 lbs. My iroin in low and my enema levels are low but Drs don't want to do anything is this best for me.

What do I do
| Helpless
I found out my white blood count is high my Dr told me to diet but I gain 5 lbs. My iroin in low and my enema levels are low but Drs don't want to do anything is this best for me.

GLOBAL PHARM Adderral Is Not Good!
| ALewis
I had been getting ACTIVIST brand Amphetamine salts 20mg and once Target was taken over by CVS, I suddenly received GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL'S brand. I started getting headaches and feeling very very VERY tired. I would sometimes get so sick in my stomach, that I couldn't eat for a few days at a time. My doctor thought it was a food allergy or a stomach ulcer, but everything was negative. My concentration in class was almost nonexistent and I literally felt like I needed to chug 4 Venti Coffees from Starbucks (might have done that a couple of times). I thought it was just me, but I thought back to when all these symptoms started and realized it was when I had gotten this new brand.

I decided to use the few ACTIVIST brand I had leftover and I noticed a BIG difference. My exhaustion went away, my concentration improved, my stomach stopped hurting, no more headaches and I just felt sooooo much better.

With the ACTIVIST brand I would not always have to take prescribed "twice a day" doses and there wasn't really a noticeable "crash." With GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICALS, I would never get the benefits, but rather I would experience a FULL ON crash mode just 3 hours after taking it. Taking another 20mg on schedule just made my exhaustion worse, not better.

I would not advocate for this brand. :(
April 25, 2016
I had the opposite experience. During my initial treatment, I had been given the 20mg Actavis generic and it did not sit well with me. I eventually was prescribed 30mg XR, and happened to fill it at Giant, and received Global. It worked quite well with no side effects or GI issues. I continued with Global for 6 month until I filled at CVS and got Actavis. That was a terrible month. I had to start drinking coffee again, had digestive problems, and was very groggy during the day. I went back to Global for the next prescription. Now I have an issue. My Giant pharmacy just switched to Actavis. I won't go through that again.
April 13, 2016
I forgot to mention: When the ACTIVIST ran out I just went back to GLOBAL PHARMECEUTICAL because I didn't have time to go get a new prescription, and all of the symptoms came back :(

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