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Diverticulitis is a common digestive disease particularly found in the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, w...
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Cipro 945
Flagyl 919
Metronidazole 168
Last Update November 28, 2015
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Diverticulitis and Tiredness

Treato found 900 discussions about Tiredness and Diverticulitis on the web.
2.38% of the posts that mention Diverticulitis also mention Tiredness (900 posts)
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We found 899 discussions
t does make you feel tired and leave a metalic taste b...
" One off dose of Metronidazole I have taken this product with amoxicillin on several occaisions to treat diverticulitis. It does make you feel tired and leave a metalic taste but I have found ...by one... "

I have very little appetite and feel tired and nauseous....
" ...doctor. He said I have diverticulitis. He put me on cipro and flagel for 14 days. I have very little appetite and feel tired and nauseous. What should... "

a loop - I was tired and jittery and couldn't stay still....
" ...- I have only had 1 bout with diverticulitis 3 weeks ago. I took Cipro & Flagyl and they knocked me for a loop - I was tired and jittery and couldn't stay still. I have been... "

I don't know.I am very tired. I am trying not to t...
" I just got a formal dx of diverticulitis after going to the E.R. after three days on Keflex. I was put on Cipro and Flagel too, and was ...infection. I don't know. I am very tired. I am trying not to... "

at he alway's feels tired after doing small things. He...
" ...pain (he is on flagyl for two more days, and his bowel movements are fine now) but he just complains that he alway's feels tired after doing small things. He is quite concerned ( so am I ) and I was j... "

side and headaches. I am still so tired. The pain in my...
" ...out 5 weeks ago have diverticulitis, been treated with cipro flagyl, and other antibiotics, but they ignor me when I say I still have a fever after 5 weeks and am now having collar bone pain in the... "

wear jeans. I am also very fatigued. I am terrified to...
" ...some positive feedback. Here goes.....I just got out of the hospital with my first bout of diverticulitis. Never had an episode before. I am still taking oral antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro). I feel... "

etc. but I have been overly tired even though my...
" ...with acute diverticulitis. The flagyl and cipro seem to be resolving the symptoms but I feel a dull ache in the sigmoid colon area after 10 days. I had a more severe episode about 3 years ago and the... "

d a general feeling of fatigue... Come to find out, my l...
" ...short, Yes. I have had Pain, Diarrhea, bloating, nausea, shortness ...breath and a general feeling of fatigue... Come to find out, my last diverticulitis attack perforated my colon and the... "

10 days. Still feeling tired, sometimes cramps, and loose...
" Had a bad bout with diverticulitis after taking OxyContin following knee surgery.   Diagnosed ...took antibiotics for 10 days.  Still feeling tired,... "

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