Discoid Lupus

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(Lupus Erythematosus Discoid)
Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) is a chronic skin condition of sores with inflammation and scarring favoring the face, ears, and sca...
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Plaquenil 561
Prednisone 200
Methotrexate 86
Last Update November 29, 2015
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Discoid Lupus and Scars

Treato found 382 discussions about Scars and Discoid Lupus on the web.
5.54% of the posts that mention Discoid Lupus also mention Scars (382 posts)
Discoid Lupus
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We found 382 discussions
dx DLE that I now have scarring which can upset me on some...
" Do you have DLE? I don't want to scare you as like I said, it;s difficult to say without seeing a picture and even then I wouldn't want to commit! Mine don't give me any grief since I started on Plaq... "

help heal cuts and scrapes and help prevent scarring...
" Hi. I have discoid lupus also and take plaquenil daily. I have alot of scarring from lupus lesions, but i've ...\"arnica\" from the health store. It's supposed to help heal cuts and scrapes and... "

a little weird I wish I could get rid of them, the scars...
" ...the classic butterfly rash, discoid lupus I've had this mess on my face since the very begining plaquenil helped at first, as did ...according to the derm. I know this sounds a little weird I wish I... "

aven't had lesions for years and my scars have faded so if y...
" Hi Nonsense I have DLE and SLE and since taking Plaquenil for SLE my skin hasn't been better! I have scarring from the delay in diagnosing my condition but I haven't had lesions... "

mostly cleared I still have scars but even they seem alot...
" ...im 26 and I have dle had it about 4 years tried creams and steroids I have tried hyroxychloroquine and methotraxate thialidamide none worked but ...mostly cleared I still have scars but even... "

f a treatment that would diminsh the appearance of scars...
" Discoid Lupus Hello, Im new to the ...a question or two. I have been living with discoid lupus for about 3 yrs now. I was wondering if anyone knew of a treatment that would diminsh the appearance of... "

about the scarring. I have the scars on both sides of...
" Hi \"Girl\", I too have DLE along with UCTD, Raynaud's, FMS, etc etc etc. I can appreciate what you're saying about the scarring. I have the scars on both sides of my face right in front of m... "

m working real hard to get rid of old marks, scars so th...
" Hi all, I have Discoid Lupus and the things that seem to be helping me ...(from a Hawaiian nut). I'm working real hard to get rid of old marks, scars so this week I have... "

ut it. I have alot of scars from these lesions, and I d...
" ...Hello. I've been struggling with discoid lupus for several years now. ...my scalp and use temovate regularly. If anyone has had any luck using something else, i've love to hear about it. I have... "

elped . I have facial scarring. I can honestly tell y...
" Hi Molly I was dx'd with DLE in 2012. I was on plaquenil for almost two years. The steroid cream (I was on Clobetosol) helped . I have facial scarring. I can honestly tell you that for us DLE folks, ... "

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