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Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar...
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Diabetes and Weakness

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We found 19,571 discussions
acs. Since then I am feeling weakness and my head is circlin...
" Dengue, dizziness, weakness. Prescribed vertin. Have Diabetic and BP. On amaryl m1 Dear Dr.Samul N.Grief , ...am 76 nearly , Diabetic type 2 under control and taking AMRYL M ...is 2.15lacs. Since then I am... "

control? This could also be contributing to his being weak...
" ...he is going to be weak. Plus, he could be getting ...that will make you really weak. Is his diabetes staying under control? This could also be contributing to his being weak. There are a lot of... "

nder control. I have always had problems getting weak...
" ...diabetes and now have been diagnosed with diabetes. I'm having problems with getting my sugars under control. I have always had problems getting weak around meal times ever since I was little,... "

iabetes control. He feels weak and dizzy when glucose n...
" ...We have also been advised that my husband-85 yrs old also is \"better off\" with less stringent diabetes control. He feels weak and dizzy when glucose numbers are cose to 100-better when in the 120... "

nitoring and treatment. She was too weak to feed and my mi...
" ...hope here either. I had Gestational Diabetes which we wouldn't have ...a huge baby. I had Pre-eclampsia which wouldn't have been ...to get her out. Keira had low sugar levels due to my diabetes which... "

nd night). She is feeling very weak (is bit dizzy if s...
" Diabetic, on insulin, have weakness, trembling. What treatment should be taken? Hello, My mother is 69 years old, high diabetic and is on insulin ...in morning and night). She is feeling very weak (is... "

diet because I was still feeling weak and shaky. That...
" I took Actoplus Met and Byetta while I was on the pre-op liquid diet. My PCP took me off the Glimepiride because my sugars dropped too low. My surgeon & nut added 3-4 oz of lean protein to my... "

r will-power but I was weak and tired ALL THE TIME! It d...
" ...per day. I am using the diabetic program because I have hypoglycemia and have found the 6 meals a day good and I have only been mildly hungry. On Jenny Craig, whose food I believe is better... "

dicine to control my symptoms? What if I had cancer?...
" ...life a lot easier. If I had diabetes, would you think I was weak for taking medicine to control my symptoms? What if I had cancer? Depression is a medical... "

e enzymes. Those available over the counter are too weak t...
" ...give them a try. Many of the symptoms you described should be alleviated by taking the enzymes. Those available over the counter are too weak to be effective. (I ...develop diabetes following surgery.... "

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