Electric Shock

Electric Shock
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Electric Shock of a (human) body with any source of electricity that causes a sufficient Electric current through the skin, muscles or...
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Last Update November 28, 2015
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The worst pain ever
I been having these electric shocks for about a yr on and off. But for the past month all sudentally I got this worst pain in my right leg with the shocks. The shocks are mild now. The worst pain is the leg. MRI was normal, Bone scan as well. Nerve test show according to the OP...a mild pinched nerve. So if you are having these problems...it could be a pinched nerve.
April 28, 2015
I have had the same horrible symptoms for years!!!! On and off depending my activity level. All tests come back normal besides the showing of a slight compression between L4 L5. Basically the doctors tell me it something I will have to deal with. It's very depressing to come to the realization that not all things can be fixed. I'm healthy and normal weight so I look fine. Ugh,,,, I have learned what mostly triggers it so I have adjusted my lifestyle. Best luck to you.

ool and spa exhibition in Melbourne today, her father says....
" ...OLYMPIC gold medal swimmer Brooke Hanson is in a stable condition in hospital after suffering an electric shock at a pool and spa... "

ghed to see such fun then died of electric shock...
" "

laughed to see such fun and died of an electric shock. W...
" ...over the bedside clock, the little dog laughed to see such fun and died of an electric shock. Warning,... "

electrocuted\" mean that you died of an electric shock?...
" ...electricity without getting shocked. Besides, to be a nit-picker, doesn't \"electrocuted\" mean that you died of an electric shock... "

is when you die from an electric shock. (unless...
" ...didnt electrocute your self. Electrocution is when you die from an electric shock. (unless you did die, in... "

ghed to see such funAnd the cat died of electric shock....
" ...over the bedside clock, The little dog laughed to see such fun And the cat died of... "

leg dunno why that just sprang to mind reading your post....
" My mate the baker died from an electric shock - he trod on a bun and the current ran up... "

was by the time he got the appointment it had fixed itself....
" Quote MY dad has the exact same problem and his GP sent him to hospital for a CT scan then electric shock scan or something like... "

onvulsions due to the electric shock he had before dying?...
" (Original post by MichaelYEAH) New question: When Jesus is resurrected having died from the electric chair, would he have random convulsions due to the electric... "

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