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Other names: Duloxetine
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Duloxetine (sold under the brand names Cymbalta, Ariclaim, Xeristar, Yentreve, Duzela) is a serotonin-no...
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Last Update November 29, 2015
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Does Cymbalta cause Delayed Ejaculation?

#139 in Cymbalta discussions - 38 posts discuss Delayed Ejaculation with Cymbalta. Delayed Ejaculation is #139 concern in Cymbalta discussions.
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We found 38 discussions
from cymbalta. I had delayed ejaculation, and sometimes n...
" I am also weaning from cymbalta. I had delayed ejaculation, and sometimes not even that. ...1oomg of desimipramine and decrease Cymbalta... "
Cymbalta has caused delayed ejaculation for me ... however,...
" Cymbalta has caused delayed ejaculation for me ... however, the ...afterwards ... definitely a feature, not a bug. Also, Cymbalta seems to have revved up my sex drive... "
or delayed ejaculation I am on cymbalta as well and...
" two side effects of cymbalta areDecreased sex drive or difficulty ...achieveing orgasm Impotense or... "

d experience some impotence along with delayed ejaculation w...
" ...have noticed with the Cymbalta that it is a little stimulating, but not much. In around 3 days, I am going to increase the Cymbalta to 60 mg, and see what that does. The first time around on... "
termittent sexual side effects, mainly delayed ejaculation....
" ...been taking 40mgs/day of Cymbalta for the past three weeks. I believe that it is working and that my mood and other aspects of my depression have improved. The only side-effect I have been... "
experienced are, delayed ejaculation, weight loss, dry mouth...
" ...I have been on Cymbalta for the last five months and feel a hell of a lot better. I am now starting to enjoy life again and am able to go walking as my feet are no longer hurting.The side effects... "
to 100%. Cymbalta is a horrible drug, who knows what the...
" ...ejaculation. I switched to cymbalta to help deal with my back pain from herniated discs and libido. I quickly weened off the cymbalta while starting wellbutrin, but my libido still hasn't come... "
30mg.What's weird is when I started Cymbalta, I...
" I'm currently taking 30mg Cymbalta at bedtime for about 10 days now. No major sides but I am tired may make this worse? I'm also experiencing delayed ejaculation at 30mg. What's weird is when I... "
been having delayed ejaculation and a hard time pissing...
" I've been having delayed ejaculation and a hard time pissing ever since I quit cymbalta and citalopram 3 and a half months ago... sometimes it can take up to a couple years... "
ou are taking Cymbalta which has known side effects o...
" Hello, You are taking Cymbalta which has known side effects ...erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder or delayed ejaculation. You have not hurt any ...the dose altered or get Cymbalta changed to some... "

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