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Constipation (also known as costiveness, dyschezia, and dyssynergic defaecation) refers to bowel movements that are ...
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Stool Softener 16,439
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Constipation and Shingles

Treato found 377 discussions about Shingles and Constipation on the web.
0.21% of the posts that mention Shingles also mention Constipation (377 posts)
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We found 376 discussions
experienced constipation with my bout of shingles. Not...
" I also experienced constipation with my bout of shingles.  Not fun. I tried eating prunes for a few days but no success.  Finally made the mistake of resorting  to two rounds of Ex Lax and then could... "
has made me more constipated than I've ever been. I also ca...
" I have shingles on my lady parts/underwear line. It has been fun the last few days at work having to actually wear underwear (I had been wearing DH's boxers all weekend).... "
he doctors about my constipation and the pain associated w...
" Thanks for your inteest. Ex Lax did not work at all. I went to a hospital to have Cat Scan to look ofr a blockage. They did not fing anything. I was really surprised about the lack of concern by the... "
nd back. I am slightly constipated but manageable. Your co...
" ...A month ago I had shingles in the lower right. back and side,  that healed in about a week. Nerve end pain in the lower back has been a problem since healing of the shingles and was treated with 25... "
neck. He also had problems with constipation. As I am sure...
" ...I am curious, did your shingles present on the head or the body? I had them on the body and did not have this problem. His started on the back of the neck. He also had problems with constipation. As... "
ly problem I had was constipation after a while. I can'...
", not everyone is. I would take the Neurontin. I took it for shingles and it helped me right away. If ...months, the only problem I had was constipation after a while. I can't... "

st one I got) constipation and anal fissures, a herpes ou...
" ...again. Eddie, I have had conjuncvitis and shingles in my normal lifetime. I totally get what you are dealing with. During all my chemo I have had to take Valtrex ( not covered, $125 ...the last one I... "

taking psyllium because it helps control both constipation...
" ...1. I also de veloped shingles which complicated things. I am medication to suppress the shingles, he suggested taking psyllium because it helps control both constipation and diarrhea. I have... "
ago I had a bad case of constipation that lasted nearly...
" ...few months ago I had a bad case of constipation that lasted nearly a month. I have RSD and developed shingles also as well. I went to the ER got XRAYS and was told to take Miralax it didn't even... "
take it when desperate because of the constipating side...
" ...sorry to hear this. My mom got shingles. It circled around her body from her back to left hip. I believe her doctor also scripted Vicoden for her. She would only take it when desperate because of... "

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