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common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, acute viral rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, or a cold) is a viral...
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Common Cold and Hypothyroidism

Treato found 1,233 discussions about Hypothyroidism and Common Cold on the web.
0.24% of the posts that mention Hypothyroidism also mention Common Cold (1,233 posts)
Common Cold
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We found 1,231 discussions
I have a cold and am feverish - hypothyroid? Can anyone...
" ...low temperature even though I have a cold and am feverish - hypothyroid? Can anyone help? Hi Just wondering if anyone else has both low temperature and lowblood pressure . I have both. I've been... "
I've had numerous colds and horrible sore throats...
" I've got an underactive thyroid which I'm taking 125 levothyroxine for, but I'm catching ...this be connected? I've had numerous colds and horrible sore throats and... "
enadryl instead? I am taking Levoxyl for my hypothyroid....
" take when you have a cold? I know better than to take Sudafed...I do take Sudafed PE but was wondering about Claritin,NyQuil or do... "
over it. Currently have a really bad cold, in its 10th day...
" I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism & Coeliac disease around 2 years ago & currently am on 100mg Levothyroxine. I now seem to catch every virus going & when I do it completely knocks me down & takes... "
eeling better, but now have a cold, so don't know if that i...
" ...I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism after going to the doctor for overall fatigue and hair loss. Prescribed 50 mcg levothyroxine. Have been taking for ...feeling better, but now have a cold,... "
problems, I had a \"cold\" (precancerous) thyroid nodule...
" About thyroid problems, I had a \"cold\" (precancerous) thyroid nodule removed ...before that, and ever since, I have been hypothyroid and have taken synthroid. This didn't seem to change during my 8... "
ydrocodone (WOOHOO). I've had a cold,thats almost gone. My b...
" ...the doctor today. I have a hypothyroid , I am taking 300mcgs of syntroid for that. I am on day 9 clean from hydrocodone (WOOHOO). I've had a cold,thats almost gone. My blood pressure was way up. Told ... "
my doc said. i too have a cold right now. he said that i...
" ...doc said. i too have a cold right now. he said that i could not take antihistimine. i have low thyroid, anxiety and high cholestrol. he gave me an antibotic, & told me to tkae robitussin cough syrup.... "
ED and notice my immunity to colds has been a bit better...
" ...taking ED and notice my immunity to colds has been a bit better and I definitely notice ...(but has prescription) because she has an hypothyroidism. On top of the levothyroxine she can notice a huge diffe... "
some smell after having a bad cold. I'm no doctor but...
" I have hypothyroidism since 1994 and need ...I was put on prednisone. None of these things have helped! I am starting to have menopausal hormone issues so am on hormone replacements.  I hate not being... "

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