Ulcerative Colitis

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(Colitis ulcerative)
Ulcerative colitis (Colitis ulcerosa, UC) is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Ulcerative colitis is a form ...
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Prednisone 18,858
Remicade 9,970
Asacol 9,871
Last Update November 29, 2015
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Ulcerative Colitis and Shingles

Treato found 258 discussions about Shingles and Ulcerative Colitis on the web.
0.14% of the posts that mention Shingles also mention Ulcerative Colitis (258 posts)
Ulcerative Colitis
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We found 256 discussions
mber the shingles was excruciating. Regards, Jeff...
" ...that once - luckily. But I've also done a lot to help control my UC symptoms and they've been ...believe helped as well. Hope you get some relief as I remember the shingles was excruciating.... "

reason & later get shingles. Pursue the antiviral treatment...
" ...had it & took Zovirax, as I recall, on doctor's Rx. Shingles is an outbreak of herpes that remains in one's body after chicken pox-- usually it stays dormant the rest of a person's life, but some... "

f Azathioprine daily for my UC. I broke out with a nasty r...
" Shingles, Azathioprine, and Ulcerative Colitis I'm 29 and taking 100mg of Azathioprine daily for my UC. I broke out with a nasty rash on Sunday which turned out to be shingles!!! Ughh. I'm now taking... "

proves effectiveness.I forgot to mention I had shingles alm...
" ...9 years ago during my initial UC diagnosis. Only had 1 incident of shingles and it was pretty bad (random shots of pain throughout my back) **knock on wood it doesnt come back** 4 years ago I was... "

y, I believe that my shingles were some sort of a side ef...
" ...shingles. I was already diagnosed with UC when I got it but I also was in remission thanks to Remicade. By the way, I believe that my shingles were some sort of a side effect by R... "

a biologic. I got shingles shortly after starting Humira....
" ...on a biologic. I got shingles shortly after starting Humira. Well they think it was Shingles. I never got the rash but you can have it without. It was awful. I cannot get the vaccine now because of... "

t still. I've experienced Shingles and now a cataract at...
" ...I did go on Prednisone (a steroid) regularly for a decade while I combated regular flare-ups from my Ulcerative Colitis (now controlled by diet ...cataract. But still. I've experienced Shingles and now a... "

y immune system. I caught and got diagnosed with shingles...
" ...diagnosed with shingles. I have ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis and ...been on remicade and methotrexate the past year decreased my immune system. I caught and got diagnosed with shingles... "

s ticking on and I have shingles so need to get over that t...
" ...I was diagnosed with UC in Aug 2010 and confirmed that I was now ok in March 2011. My husband and I wanted to try for a baby and as I was 40 asked the Consultant if ok and he said yes but to carry... "

pened to me too. Had shingles twice but prior to the UC....
" Thanks for answering. I have had UC for about 6 yrs and just this past June, ...heard of it before. Re Shingles: I noticed several folks having ...happened to me too. Had shingles twice but prior to... "

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