Cluster Headaches

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Cluster headache, nicknamed "suicide headache", is a neurological disease that involves, as its most prominent feature, an immen...
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Imitrex 510
Verapamil 354
Prednisone 195
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Cluster Headaches and Fluid Retention

Treato found 5 discussions about Fluid Retention and Cluster Headaches on the web.
0.03% of the posts that mention Cluster Headaches also mention Fluid Retention (5 posts)
Cluster Headaches
Fluid Retention
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We found 5 discussions
started having massive fluid retention a few years ago, I...
" I have had migraine and cluster headaches. The frequency and intensity of ...However, when I started having massive fluid retention a few years ago, I found myself going right back into cluster... "

e fluid retention, but it isn't too bad. I didn't experie...
" ...they caused me to have cluster headaches so i stopped them. I osteoporossis. I did experience aches and pains when my ...migraine medication. I do have fluid retention, but it isn't too bad.... "
r fluid retention.That's when my nightmare began all over a...
" ...I was on it for fluid retention. That's when my nightmare began ...again. I didn't know at first, I was having cluster headaches and just thought I was side switching. Then my... "
fects - cluster headaches, awful fluid retention & raised BP...
" 3rd different oral HRT as I also suffered bad side effects - cluster headaches, awful fluid retention & raised BP. So far not too bad on this one and I'm... "
ache. Aura with and without headache. Prob...
" ...been listed...especially the visual symptoms. Migraine/cluster headache. Aura with and without headache. Probable coronary artery spasms. Massive fluid retention leading to congestion everywhere,... "

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