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Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida (genus) species (all yeasts), of which ''Candida...
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Candida and Lufenuron

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I have a history of Psoriasis and Lupus. My lupus had me on years of Prednisone and other awful drugs. Before getting off my lupus treatments one of which was Methotrexate I kept getting really bad ear infections that quickly purferated my ear drum causing me to need strong antibiotics. I juice fasted hoping to cure myself of Lupus and skin rashes. About a year and half ago I even water fasted for 14 days. I currently have major candida rashes mixed with aggravated psoriasis rashes and I feel completely deficient/anemic and just plain awful. My scalp and places I've never had rashes are under attack with severe itching. I almost ordered the product being sold as Candida Cell Wall Suppressor then came across a site that sold Lufenuron. I ordered it and hope to God it helps me. After I get it and start the treatment I will post my results. My question to anyone out there is does anyone also have severe rashes especially on face, eyelids, scalp, ears and back of ears that peels/ burns and itches? When I scrub my skin in the shower to get the roughness under control it almost feels like fine sandpaper. Since this last outbreak I'm on a candida type diet with lots of veg, cold water fish, no sugar or processed foods, with high doses of fish oil three times a day and it feels like no matter what I do my body isn't absorbing the nutrients. Any advice would be appreciated! I feel like my skin is dehydrating no matter how much water I drink! I'm even taking Blue Green Algae for minerals. I just want to feel somewhat normal again.
February 13, 2014
En do you already have some results?

advise you searching on the web on how to prevent candida...
" ...need for another round since lufenuron is a strong anti candinda med.I would advise you searching on the web on how to prevent candida after you get rid... "

you got candida .... go on lufenuron and then swallow some...
" Yai you got candida .... go on lufenuron and then swallow some gse ...will help, so it will never come back after lufenuron... "
a candida and parasites sufferer for 10years. pls anyone...
" i was a candida and parasites sufferer for 10years. ...where can i buy the lufenuron im so desperate to have beleive that i have candida... "

andida CureHas anyone tried the Candida Cure Lufenuron. I sa...
" Lufenuron Candida Cure Has anyone tried the Candida Cure Lufenuron. I saw the web site... "

when the candida start dying off in your system.... Al...
" ...die off symptoms from the candida? You know they say you ...can feel sick when the candida start dying off in your system.... Also I ...oregeno oil along with the... "

It didn't cure totally my genital intracellular candidiasis
" ...used Lufenuron, Amp B, Diflucan, and Lamisil. It was targeting the intestinal candidiasis. I answered you I was 3 months taking the combo... "
I came accross this \"Candida cure\": Lufenuron Candida I...
" Lufenuron against intestinal Candida? I think causing my IBS. Now I came accross this \"Candida cure\": Lufenuron Candida It seems interesting but ...and what do they think? Could it be a... "
against intestinal Candida?AdvertisementI think I h...
" Lufenuron against intestinal Candida? AdvertisementI think I have intestinal Candida and that this is causing ...IBS.Now I came accross this \"Candida cure\":Lufenuron CandidaIt seems interesting but I... "
azoles, help!Hello, My candida has spreaded once again t...
" Candida Prostatitis - can't take azoles, help! Hello, My candida has spreaded once again to my bladder, penis... "

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