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Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Cancer and Sjogren's Syndrome

Treato found 1,588 discussions about Sjogren's Syndrome and Cancer on the web.
2.15% of the posts that mention Sjogren's Syndrome also mention Cancer (1,588 posts)
Sjogren's Syndrome
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We found 1,581 discussions
Peggy Line
I just had a lip biopsy and the result was positive for Sjorgen's. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue and muscle and joint pain. I start chemo on Wednesday. I'm very nervous about it. I have severe allergies to several medications and just got out of the hospital do to lip, throat and tongue swelling. I now carry 2 Epi-Pens wherever I go, I first developed a severe rash all over my body. It itched so much I would actually cause bleeding from scratching. I have fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, and sleep apnea. My feeling sluggish, hurting in my joints has been going on since 2009 when I was told I had Valley Fever and spent a week in the hospital. My life has not been comfortable due to so much pain. I have experienced fainting many times and thus far doctor's don't know why. They did find.out that my aortic valve is leaking. I'm scared!! I have had 2 surgeries on my eyes and have been told Sjorgen's can cause cornea problems. My surgeries was for cornea degeneration. I also had cataract surgeries in October due to a severe fall at work and blunt force trauma to my face and eyes. Does anyone have positive stories about living with Sjorgen's? Thank you. My best to everyone dealing with this and other diseases.

treatment and SjogrensAny experience in the group? Just h...
" Cancer treatment and Sjogrens Any experience in the group? ...I took ro keep my Sjogrens under control (successfully). Now it is ...addresses what to do about sjogrens. I feel like a flare... "

treatment of my other Medical condition Sjogren's Syndrome...
" ...the beginning of 2008.  Currently NED and taking a extended Chemo break for my cancer and focusing on the treatment of my other Medical condition Sjogren's Syndrome..  Hopefully we... "
I do have Sjogren's Syndrome. He is also an ENT specialist...
" What a relief! I'm so happy to hear your news. Sjorgen's is better than cancer! On 2/3/2011 12:57 PM, ...called and told me I do not have cancer. However, I do have Sjogren's Syndrome. He is also... "
ment...she went into remission...and her Sjogrens was...
" she acquired cancer...leukemia... She had a transplantation treatment...she went into remission...and her Sjogrens was gone ! She thing had happened. 7 years later still Sjogrens free...she... "
helped that they got all the cancer when they removed my ki...
" he gave me Zofran and I also had it post surgery as pain meds make me sick. I must say, because of my Sjogrens I dreaded surgery and was really nervous about my dryness but it turned out much... "
autoimmune disorder, mine is Sjogren's Syndrome and several...
" ...have an autoimmune disorder, mine is Sjogren's Syndrome and several other issues ...Stage 4 also Brac1 ). For me the chemo for the cancer actually got rid of all my issues but as soon as I got a break... "
ies by!! I have Sjogrens Syndrome and was diagnosed wi...
" ...really flies by!! I have Sjogrens Syndrome and was diagnosed two years into Tamoxifen, it was the chemo that affected my Sjogrens, not the radiation. It really reduced my was... "
friend's cancer. I have Sjogren's Syndrome with very active...
" I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. I have Sjogren's Syndrome with very active autoimmune activity and am at a... "
pain to go away, cancer to go away, sjogrens to go...
" ...another. I just want the debilitating pain to go away, cancer to go away, sjogrens to go... "

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