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COPD and Nose Bleeds

Treato found 69 discussions about Nose Bleeds and COPD on the web.
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Nose Bleeds
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Nose Bleeds
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| Ron_1
I am 52 years old and have emphysema as well as HIV and pulmonary hypertension. I am not on any medication for the PH and do not take oxygen for the emphysema but I do take two daily inhalers and anti-retrovirals for the HIV. About three years ago I started having nosebleeds that come every few weeks and usually take two or three days to finally stop. I have been to the ENT clinic several times about this and not once did they ever mention a correlation between the nosebleeds and emphysema. My respirologist also has never mentioned this. I have been at my wits end trying to solve this mystery as it is very draining and I have ruined countless pillow cases and bed sheets because of this. I thought I was going crazy because none of my doctors seem to know why I keep having them and make me feel like I am just making it up. Of course I never seem to have one when I go to the doctor! Just this morning I thought I would just go to google and type in "emphysema and nosebleeds" and was so surprised to find all this information regarding this. I am a bit upset that no one has ever mentioned this possibility to me over the last three years and will now bring this up to my respirologist when I see him in September. To think that possibly something could have been done a long time ago to deal with this, or at least to not feel like I was insane is very frustrating.

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