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Bronchiectasis is a disease state defined by localized, irreversible dilation of part of the bronchial tree caused by destruction of t...
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Mucomyst 17
Bricanyl 4
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Bronchiectasis and Headaches

Treato found 74 discussions about Headaches and Bronchiectasis on the web.
0.71% of the posts that mention Bronchiectasis also mention Headaches (74 posts)
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We found 74 discussions
and I even get sinus head aches....but they did a ct...
" ...cause I do feel like I have sinus problems and drainage besides my bronchiectasis and I even get sinus head aches....but they did a ct scan on my sinus this last time right before... "
chronic rhinitis. I get severe pain in my head, also when...
" I have bronchiectasis, also, a few weeks ago after having a camera ...and down my throat I was told I have chronic rhinitis. I get severe pain in my head, also when I have a chest infection (which is... "
o longer got these horrific headaches and my persistent cou...
" ...been diagnosed a year. Like yourself, I have bronchiectasis so my problems before treatment were usually respiratory. Many years before diagnosis I had pneumonia and was hospitalised for ...symptoms... "

me. Have had a headache since. Are DKA's frequent for...
" ...know what was wrong. I was very breathless but put it down to my Bronchiectasis. As I mentioned I had emergency. I still feel drained but this is all to me. Have had a headache since. Are... "

was treated at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital for headaches....
" Bronchiectasis I have had bronchiectasis since chilhood and I am ...coughing. I used to have \"shivers and shakes\" which were 8 weeks or so. About 14 years ago I was treated at Glasgow Homeopathic... "
heck with your pulmonologist/doctor/physical ther...
" ...never had any problems with headaches. Being on the oxygen could the culprit for your headaches. Do check with your 65 and was just diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. I am already so... "
but do not have headache and blurred vision,but...
" I have Bronchiectasis but do not have headache and blurred vision,but I have read that some inhalers... "
way & have Bronchiectasis & Cavitational Aspergillosis..I...
" the way & have Bronchiectasis & Cavitational Aspergillosis..I have been taking Itraconazole since Feb.this year...200 mg ...leg aches wake me up..getting continual headaches & hair loss..Have been... "
however he had a temp and been having headaches so he...
" ...he said, as you have bronchiectasis, I said no, he has fibrosis, so he looked at ...disguises other sounds, however he had a temp and been having headaches so he gave him anti... "
The patient has bronchiectasis, which usually presents...
" ...a symptom. The patient has bronchiectasis, which usually presents as hemoptysis. The frontal headaches are because of the... "

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