Last Update November 20, 2015
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Ticagrelor (trade name Brilinta in the US, Brilique and Possia in the EU) is a platelet aggregation inhibitor produc...
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Last Update November 20, 2015
Satisfaction Score
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Positive 4 "...Reviews & Ratings - Brilinta Oral I have been on this medication since January 2012 and have not... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 19 "How long will Brilinta stay in your system once you stop the medication? My husband is having shortness of breath bad and... "Read more negative discussions
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After reading these posts I am beginning to think that what I am experiencing is a severe reaction to Brilinta. I had an MI on 3/6/2015 and two stints were put in. Felt good initially, but within the past two weeks have been weak as a appetite...heaviness in my chest...most of the symptoms talked about and related to Brilinta. Last week I added an anxiety attack to the list and cended up in the emergency room at the hospital. They ran all the usual heart tests which all came back fine...I still feel miserable...nothing changed. After reading everyone's posts I will be having a med discussion with my doctor at my followup appointment this week. Hopefully there will be options. I will never make it a year on Brilinta if I feel this bad every day. Difficult to function and/or take care of myself or do the simplest of things....

Edward Bizjak
Shortness of breath
I just started taking Brilinta on 11-16-2014 and was experiencing shortness of breath the next day. I got COPD and that just adds to the shortness of breath.

dizzy/shortness of breath
Been on brilinta for about 7 months now after having 2 stents put in. Shortness of breath occurs since the beginning of taking this medication, symptoms are mild but still occur after 7 months, Dr said to bear it if I can. I just started getting dizzy and almost past out once, stopped medication once and felt like a new man. Went back on medication because of the consequences until I can see the dr again.
April 3, 2014
I had shortness of breath for 150 days and then it abruptly stopped.

Susan S
Allergic reaction to Brilinta
Following an MI,I had a stent placed on 1/23/14. I was started immediately on Brilinta. I began experiencing some shortness of breath before leaving the hospital. I continued taking as perscribed. Symptoms did not improve and when I went to the cardiologist I explained that I was perplexed. I expected to feel considerably better than I did. Frankly, although I felt better than I did when I got to the ER, I was feeling much worse than I was a few days before the MI. I could not do anything without being short of breath, shopping for groceries took twice as long as usual because everything was such an effort and I found myself having to stop and rest. He told me I was being impatient. So, I contined with the meds as prescribed.
Five days later I awoke covered with hives. I contacted my cardiologist and was told to stop taking Brilinta and he switched me to Plavix. After 2 days the hives were gone, I had my color back and I could breathe! I felt like a new person!
My cardiologist did tell me that more women than men have dyspnea which does not resolve.

chest pain after bypass done
I have been suffering chest pain from 2007, Bypass had done in 2008 ,April, no relief even after surgery, chest pain had been intensified and admitted and Angio plasty was done in 2013. Now I am taking BRILINTA along with other medicines, this Brilinta brings great relief than previous drugs. Immensely hope to maintain healthy life without other complications further. THANKS FOR BRIINTA,
for a month I end up in the Hospital with pancreatitis...
" After taking brilinta for a month I end up in the Hospital with pancreatitis. As soon as I suspended the Brilinta and... "
t just makes me feel so sick, dizzy,and my stomach aches....
" User Reviews & Ratings - Brilinta Oral It just makes me feel so sick, dizzy,and my stomach aches. This is no quality... "
inally able to get off of it. I feel like I have been tired...
" User Reviews for Brilinta \"I have been taking Brilinta for almost two years and am just finally able to get off of it. I feel like I have been tired... "
I stop the rash and iching from brilinta?i have a red rash a...
" How can I stop the rash and iching from brilinta? i have a red rash all over my forearms, and... "
Should I be concerned. I am taking Brilinta and Amdur.hank...
" ...about 5 minutes a feel a slight pain on my left shoulder blade. I am not short of breath or anything. Should I be concerned. I am taking Brilinta and... "

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