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Body odor or body odour, sometimes colloquially abbreviated as B.O., is the odor of bacterium growing on the body. The bac...
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Body Odor and Yeast Infection

Treato found 148 discussions about Yeast Infection and Body Odor on the web.
0.4% of the posts that mention Body Odor also mention Yeast Infection (148 posts)
Body Odor
Yeast Infection
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We found 148 discussions
c.? Also, as for my body odor. I actually am not sure what...
" kls, when you were fighting your yeast infection/overgrowth (candida), did you switch your diet at all? Like did you go on a special diet and cut out sugar, starches, etc.? Also, as for my body... "
when i pee is gone and yeast infection is nearly gone,...
" ...supplements. I was taking acidophilus pearls and papaya enzymes. I have tried paragone, colonix, several brands of acidophilus,several brands of enzymes( which when I took made my yeast infection... "
much sugar when my underarm body odour is foul (can actualy...
" Hi. Do you have candida by any chance? - ...of you mentioning the underarm body odour etc. I have suffered with yeast infections, and I am very aware ...too much sugar when my underarm body odour is foul... "
do you know about how to get rid of fecal body odor?...
" ...might be unlikely that a male would get a yeast infection. I had a urine and blood test done and ...for leaky gut syndrome? Also, what do you know about how to get rid of fecal body odor... "
you change a diet your body odor will get affected. So, I...
" ...Atkins, I swear I have gotten a yeast infection of some sort. I can't ...Mark(DH) said that whenever you change a diet your body odor will get affected. So, I hope this helps get... "
just needed a cure for a simple yeast infection. I didn't...
" ...had a problem with Monistat 1.  They need to be sued.  That stuff is terrible.  I had a regular old text book yeast infection.  Now I have this occasional strange odor that smells like medicine.  I... "
ns of other things to try I found body odor...
" ...yogurt or kefir (or take acidophilus tablets). There are some serious health concerns that apparently can cause bad odor, so do make sure it's not liver problems, diabetes, etc. But apparently... "
of those problems -- but ended up with body odor\and acn...
" with swollen breasts,\ irritability, and yeast infections, as well as a loss of libido.\ \ I switched to a lower estrogen pill with higher androgenic activity\ (Estrostep) and got rid of those... "
had a yeast/fungal infection under my breasts before, and...
" ...ETA: Also, I have had a yeast/fungal infection under my breasts before, and the smell was different than body odor and I had red marks. My doctor suggested treating it with an antifungal cream (OTC)... "
profoundly affect your body odor.Cotton underwear can help w...
" ...if you're not used to it. Guys can get yeast infections and fungal infections down there, by the way. Your can profoundly affect your body odor. Cotton underwear can help with... "

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