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Last Update December 1, 2015
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Bladder Symptoms and Headaches

Treato found 58 discussions about Headaches and Bladder Symptoms on the web.
1.49% of the posts that mention Bladder Symptoms also mention Headaches (58 posts)
Bladder Symptoms
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We found 58 discussions
symptoms have been worsening, my headaches are mainly...
" ...past, cant tolerate the aspirin though, causing ringing in my ears. My headaches have become more frequent lalty, so I think too its related, as bladder symptoms have been... "
the Maxalt seems to work really well for my headaches
" I take Maxalt (rizatriptan). Occasionally I've noticed some increased bladder symptoms, but other times I have not... "
trouble with headaches when I first started the Elmiron...
" I had some trouble with headaches when I first started the Elmiron . I took the medicine out of the capsules for awhile and put the medicine directly into my water. It seemed to work. And I... "
ill depressed and have some headaches. I just can't seem to...
" ...the vaginal symptoms? I have a lot of bladder symptoms, dryness etc. and zero libido. ...started back on the vivelle patch. It's helpful for the power surges, still depressed and have some... "
D this morning. I have a tiny headache too but less bladder...
" ...I went from passing a little mucous to D this morning. I have a tiny headache too but less bladder symptoms. ☺ I'm going to assume this is a good thing. I'll be eating... "
y see some relief because the bladder symptoms left al...
" ...of my old symptoms of bloating,reflux,gas,headaches etc retun. I also am having the bladder spasms with my upper part ...I don't get glutened again...I may see some relief because the bladder symptoms... "
adaches are gone and my bladder is better than it has be...
" nose. So I went off and on the Elmiron for several months to ...Then I also started getting headaches and my bladder symptoms got worse. So I took ...sores in my nose, the headaches are gone and my... "
I had a re-occurance of my irritable bladder symptoms the...
" ...4 days ago and I had a re-occurance of my irritable bladder symptoms the next day. My doctor ...7 more days. I did feel sick in the beginning when ...felt like I had the flu. Headache is common too. I feel... "
nd have had off and on headaches and nausea. I thought n...
" Is Vagifem absorbed systemically? Just wondering how much of it gets into your system? I have been having flu-like symptoms, but the flu has also been going around my house and my daughter's house.... "
more awful than my bladder symptoms, which are fairly low...
" ...that my 'other' symptoms are more awful than my bladder symptoms, which are fairly low level, but I don't see the site and I have excruciating head pain, vision problems and nausea\", which... "

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