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Last Update December 1, 2015
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Positive 47 "...deriphylline injection. but nothing helped me. finally they gave me Betnesol injection then i started getting better. yes steroids are life saving... "Read more positive discussions
Negative 14 "I get a steroid mouthwash called betnesol from the doc...amazing thing, doesnt help with the pain so i have... "Read more negative discussions
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Dear sir, my wife has a vitiligo for last 7-8 year. I took many treatment. There is a treatment of uva therapy was taken last two year back, most of the patches had recover. But now its spreading now. I have taken a treatment of Dr. J S Pasricha. But she given me a medicine of betnesole forte 10 tab in a week and azoran. With the effect of this treatment my wife's sugar level being high. can i reduce the dose of bentesole forte 2 a week and azaron daily for this treatment.

Fizza Arshad
hellow docter!
My name is fizza. age 21 years ; height 5ft 1 inch . I am an alergic patient. My docter suggest me this tablet... i use betnesol tablets for about 2 weeks 6 tablets per day.... when i almost complete my dose, next day hair loss occurs in my hairs.. i also gain weight , restlessness occurs while i m using betnesol....

My doctor prescribed me to take betnesol pills to put on my weight. Can I take those pills ? Any side effects?
and the doc gave me \"Betnesol\" which cleared it right...
" will be fine. My hay fever is a nightmare.. turns ...nasal polyps and the doc gave me \"Betnesol\" which cleared it... "

I was prescribed betnesol soluble tablets which you...
" I also have lichen planus which was diagnosed long ...before my Lupus. I was prescribed betnesol soluble tablets which you disolve one tablet in 15 mls... "
I am to take betnesol retention enemas as needed. Are the...
" Betnesol retention enemas Hi, I have ulcerative colitis and have come off all medications approximately 2 months ago. We are trying to conceive our second baby. I just... "
started betnesol, ciproheptadine(practin) weight gained...
" 2 years ago, i was underweight and i started betnesol, ciproheptadine(practin) weight gained and appeared some rashes in my thighs. so,... "
7, and m taking Betnesol forte,one tablet each on saturday a...
" 27, and m taking Betnesol forte,one tablet each on saturday ...and sunday for vitiligo treatment as priscribed by my doctor since 6months. i have put on almost... "

I am prescribed Betnesol tablets which you just disolve...
" I have lichen planus which is mouth and gum disease caused by ...the immune system and SLE. For the soreness in my mouth I am prescribed Betnesol tablets which you just disolve... "
r progressive. Betnesol can cause acidity or peptic ul...
" have alopecia areata. The treatment provided is satisfactory. Personally, for a single lesion I prefer giving intralesional steroid and prefer giving betnesol only if lesions are numerous or... "

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