Autonomic Dysfunction

Autonomic Dysfunction
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Dysautonomia (autonomic dysfunction) is a broad term that describes any disease or malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. This ...
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Last Update November 27, 2015
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Autonomic problems
Can anybody tell me if balance problems are related to autonomic problems. I have severe lightheadedness, balance problems, high and low blood pressure and heart rate. My biggest concern is the balance problem that seems to come and go. I'll have the balance problem for about 10 weeks with lightheadedness then the balance problem will go away like it never happen. Then four weeks later it comes back, but the lightheadedness is always there specially when I stand up and walking after awhile. I do get tingling in my extremities. I did have a tilt table test which I was told my a PA that I have Orthostatic Hypotension. My Cardiologist says its Autonomic Related. I cannot find anything regarding my balance and autonomic relations. Maybe because my balance comes and goes. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
and treatment did they do for the autonomic dysfunction...
" ...autonomic symptoms that no one has addressed yet. So what kind of tests and treatment did they do for the autonomic dysfunction. Thanks,... "
now. I have autonomic dysfunction. I see an electro...
" ...same symptoms. Its horrible!! Mine were controlled but back with a vengeance now. I have autonomic dysfunction. I see an electro physiologist.... "
whole idea of using clonidine to treat autonomic dysfunction...
" I'm very intrigued by this whole idea of using clonidine to treat autonomic dysfunction involving the GI tract. I just looked up side... "
r the gastric empty test (another autonomic dysfunction--...
" ...ensure they are working. It's a good way to fine tune your treatment. Same goes for the gastric empty test (another autonomic dysfunction--gastroparesis). I had that one repeated... "
how to recognize and treat autonomic dysfunction be...
" ...Continuous Medical Education (CME). I think it's great that there is more information for physicians to recognize and treat depression in patients with chronic illness. My hope is that better... "
omeone tell me how this helps with autonomic dysfunction
" How do SSRI's help autonomic dysfunction? How do SSRI's help to ...doesn't want a pacemaker. The new cardiologist said that she might be able to try an SSRI for treatment. Can someone tell me how this... "
another part of her autonomic dysfunction. Oh well.He did sa...
" back... he told me since Kira is already hypertensive, then the ACTH would raises blood pressures. Hers gets out of control high too. Just another part of her autonomic... "
control is part of the POTs/autonomic dysfunction...
" the right temperature. I am diagnosed with POTs and I do think temperature control is part of the POTs/autonomic dysfunction. There is a lot of ...of that group also have EDS/joint hypermobility... "
the treatment? If it involved a drug, are the side effects...
" By the way, if he does have autonomic dysfunction, are you familiar with the treatment? If it involved a drug, are the side effects worse than the symptom? After the Sinemet induced... "

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