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Other names: Donepezil
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Donepezil, marketed under the trade name Aricept by its developer Eisai Co. and partner Pfizer, is a centrally acting reversible...
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Last Update November 30, 2015
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Does Aricept cause Insomnia?

Insomnia is a known side effect of Aricept
#8 in Aricept discussions - 326 posts discuss Insomnia with Aricept. Insomnia is #8 concern in Aricept discussions.

Does Aricept cause Insomnia?

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We found 326 discussions
topping the Aricept. Mom has had worsening insomnia each...
" Aricept: stopping due to bad side effects After 3 doses we're stopping the Aricept. Mom has had worsening insomnia each night. Has lost mobility and ability to bathe and dress herself. Mom... "
came much worse. After speaking with her Dr. the Aricept w...
" ...pain and vomiting with Aricept. After speaking to her Dr. we discontinued the medication. We also tried Aricept ...her side effects were increased agression, insomnia and her confussion became much... "
woke up this morning and had a severe vaginal discharge....
" Aricept And Vaginal Discharge I have been taking aricept for almost 3 months. I have the regular side effects, night mares, insomnia, etc. However I woke up this morning and had a severe vaginal... "
10mg. dosage I have experienced sleeplessness and nightmares...
" ...old and was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. I was started on 5mg. of Aricept for a month and then 10mg. On the 10mg. dosage I have experienced sleeplessness and nightmares. My... "
concern for her. Sorry you have problems sleeping. Th...
" ...scan, the fact she is taking Aricept shows there is concern for her. Sorry you have problems sleeping. There are many others here ...have the same trouble. It doesn`t help to be deprived of sleep when... "
in the evening, she had nightmares - which led to insomnia...
" When my mother took Aricept in the evening, she had nightmares - which led to... "
is olmifon. taking more than one per does cause insomnia...
" ...well as the drug Aricept. I noticed a difference right away at a dosage of 50 mg. It did cause a headache so I probably will not continue. The only one I seem to tolerate well is olmifon. taking... "
days have been either hypomanic or just plain irritable...
" Update on taking aricept. I've had increasingly less sleep over the week I have taken it. I'm down to four hours a night. I'm getting that spaced out feeling you get when you just haven't slept in... "
often causes insomnia....along with night terrors/nightmares...
" ...weeks ago my DH was started on Aricept 5mg, once daily. He ...2 years. When his neurologist prescribed the Aricept he said to be sure to give it to him in the morning because it often causes... "

with Aricept/Donezepil?Mum has been taking Donezepil a...
" Sleeplessness with Aricept/Donezepil? Mum has been taking Donezepil at 5mg dosage for a week. Today she was very agitated and said she had adjust medication to stop sleeplessness? And now mum... "

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