Adrenal Insufficiency

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Adrenal insufficiency is a condition in which the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, do not produce adequate amounts of steroi...
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Hydrocortisone 1,033
Dexamethasone 89
Solu Medrol 40
Last Update December 1, 2015
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Adrenal Insufficiency and Headaches

Treato found 261 discussions about Headaches and Adrenal Insufficiency on the web.
1.97% of the posts that mention Adrenal Insufficiency also mention Headaches (261 posts)
Adrenal Insufficiency
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We found 261 discussions
daily use. I have adrenal insufficiency so I have to...
" ...ago and have been having these debillatating headaches that just hurt; never had these before and it coincides with my starting to decrease my steroid daily use.  I have adrenal insufficiency so I... "

100mg and today I have headaches. Would like to know about...
" I have adrenal insufficiency for 18 years now. Used to be ...100mg and today I have headaches. Would like to know about your product. I took prednisone for 17 yrs. until 2 better in cluding my skin... "
IV hydrocortisone to treat my adrenal insufficiency. Ugh
" ...I developed a horrible headache with nausea. It's lasted all night, despite the fact that I had also taken my standard oxycodone for pain and phenergan for nausea. I've just thrown up this morning,... "
headaches, but florinef relieves the headaches plus sto...
" ...on adrenal rebuilder or other adrenal insufficiency medications including cortef? I do. Cortef gives me nasty headaches, but florinef relieves the... "

011. I have been having constant headaches and such for y...
" ...Hello everyone, I was diagnoised with Adrenal Insufficiency on October 31, 2011. I have been having constant headaches and such for years, but never had an MRI. The images I'll upload... "
although she did have headaches and heart palps, too....
" ...experiencing before she was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. Have you seen an endo? ...pressure was her primary symptom, although she did have headaches and heart palps, too. She kept going to the... "
pression. i started having headaches on a regular basis ab...
" ...and depression. i started having headaches on a regular basis about 10 years ago---and it has gradually spread to all-over body pain. it just kind of slowly snuck up on me. i had a hysterectomy... "
a lot and get headaches...either this is something hormonal...
" ...think i do have an adrenal insufficiency. What i know is that ...cortisol being low after paxil so are former paxil users who experienced this.... my digestion is not that good either as i burp a lot... "
addisons, adrenal insufficiency...
" hits me--- nausea and headache! Should I take my HC ...which one is better. Also, is there anything I can do the night before to prevent this? Thanks Tags:... "
arted to get major headaches 2 weeks before I was to g...
" take calcium with magnesium and vitamin D. The zinc is in my multi vitamin which I take in the a.m. I started to get major headaches 2 weeks before I was ...T4 and ACTH giving me adrenal... "

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