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Blood Glucose + Mouthwash

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122 conversations around the web about Blood Glucose + Mouthwash to help you make a decision
122 conversations around the web about Blood Glucose + Mouthwash to help you make a decision
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Blood Glucose & Mouthwash

We found 122 discussions
" ...mouthwash/tonic that can actually help lower blood sugar, the cinnamon version ...helps because my mom is diabe... "

" ...have no sugars. I am diabetic and have had no trouble with mouthwash raising my blood sugar, so I really doubt... "

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" ...a few weeks ago..she had mouth ulcers and thrush coming up ...suggested her to keep the sugar levels in high levels of ...also recommended her to use mouthwash regularly and quit ... "

" ...could borrow to check your blood sugar when you have one of ...could be hypoglycemia. I have dry mouth from Sjogren's, and there ...geared to help it. Oasis mouthwash is one, along with a... "

" ...signs and symptoms i suppose that you are suffering from Periodontitis which shows ...Also get your blood sugar level estimation to ...oral hygiene. Use chlorhexidine mouthwash gargles twice... "

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" ...not at all rude my angina is controlled now i ...dont go away after using mouth spray , i av to ring keeping on track my blood sugar plumets into normal range,, and... "

" to get the \"compounded\" magic mouthwash(es) - lots of clinics have ...and only use the magic mouthwash if the sores start ...bad shortness of breath and my blood sugar skyrocketed but my... "

" are suffering from gingival recession. ...Use desensitizing toothpaste along with soft bristle toothbrush. Use antiseptic mouthwash gargles twice daily. Also, get your blood sugar level... "

" The Biotine mouthwash and tootpaste are really good.. high or low my blood sugar is, I'm still constantly thirsty and it's attributed to my kidney problems and type 1 diabetes..... "

" ...really bad before my diabetes diagnosis. T-gel, head that regular, plain listerine mouthwash and an antifungal property that got rid of dandruff. At ...for me until my blood gl... "

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