Feb 192014
Big Data Analytics: Why is it so hard to make sense of it?

These days, the term “Big Data” is often used to describe practically anything that involves addition or multiplication – from human genome decoding, or analysis of petabytes of data on commercial transactions, to calculating the bill at the local grocery store. The challenges with the analytics of Big Data are different from the ones that deal with the processing and storage of it. This post sheds some light on how Treato approaches the data science behind big data.

Feb 142014
ePharma Summit: Will Pharma Ever REALLY Embrace and Understand Real World Online Patient Conversations?

This week several of us from Treato spent time exhibiting, listening and mingling at ePharma Summit, one of the foremost conferences for pharmaceutical marketers. It was rewarding to reconnect with many of our clients, partners and friends, and to find ourselves immersed in all the positive buzz about the patient voice. We observed three key [...]

Jan 222014
Early Warning Signs for ADHD Medications from Social Media Intelligence

At Treato we have a habit of checking the data when important industry news happens. It fascinates us to see that what patients are saying on social media often illuminates, confirms or portends what is  happening in the therapeutic landscape. So when the FDA warning for medications using methylphenidate came out last month that’s what [...]

Dec 122013
When the Media Reports about a Drug, Pharma is Ready with Real Time Patient Insights

A recent news story in the Huffington Post about a study from Norway’s School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo suggested a possible correlation between pregnant mothers’ use of Tylenol and their children’s reaching developmental milestones. When the media report new information like this about a particular drug – over the counter or prescription [...]

Dec 052013
Treato Pharma Now Lets You See Where the Patient Journey Begins

Pharmaceutical marketing does not begin and end exclusively with the pharma brand, ideally it begins and ends with the patient. The patient journey often starts long before treatment with the first signs of symptoms. Diagnosis is then followed by the multiple considerations and decisions patients and caregivers face in coping with their illness or condition. [...]

Nov 242013
Guest Post: 10 Things I Want My Doctors to Learn

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month this November, Jessica Apple from the diabetes magazine ASweetLife.org, shares her thoughts on what she’d like her doctors to learn in order to make a patient’s experience more pleasant. When I’m sitting in your exam room don’t talk to another doctor or a nurse about me as if I’m [...]

Nov 192013
Treato Execs at Pharma and Big Data Events

Treato has been well represented the last few weeks at industry conferences, meeting with current and potential clients and discussing trends in Big Data and Pharma. At the CBI Commercial Data Congress in Philadelphia, visitors could meet our team at the Treato booth, snack at our sponsored break, or hear Gerhard Gallwitz Treato’s Senior Vice [...]