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Cystadane is taken for: Indigestion


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Trimethylglycine (TMG) is an organic compound that occurs in plants as either glycine betaine or a choline-containing glyc...
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Cystadane for Indigestion
8,626 conversations around the web about Cystadane to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Cystadane and compared it to other Low Stomach Acid medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Cystadane & Nitrate

We found 202 discussions
" ...alternative as well, along with Potassium nitrate or MT Betaine which also uses betaine nitrat... "

" We make a good betaine nitrate product called Platinum 100% Betaine . With your issues though, I would consult a... "

" ...bulk. Or you could use Muscletech Betaine which has Betaine anhydrous and Betaine Nitrate (great for pumps). Solidly priced... "

" ...I take it you're using the Platinum Betaine Nitrate? I don't see why it... "

" I have Betaine Nitrate left over from jumping on that B1G1 sale MT ...around with timing that as well. I'll just take the Betaine Nitrate with my morning shake away from my XF dosage... "

" my LCLT, BA, Betaine and CM daily goals. ...have 1 scoop I'll take additional bulk betaine, LCLT, BA and CM. Currently ...1/2 scoop high volume, 1.5g Betaine nitrate, 1g LCLT,... "

" ...fat burners honestly they mostly just give energy, if you still want to stick with one: Norcodrene or Alphamine by PES are top knotch also betaine nitrate by Muscletech is amazing "

" ...and citrulline are great for pumps but soon i will be combining with Muscletech Betaine which has betaine anhydrous and betaine nitrate (which is great for pumps). I'm assuming the betaine might b... "

" ...been too worries about it, but this yr I got our new product Max Pump, betaine nitrate, is awesome product..maybe I will combine it with hemodraulix this... "

" Muscletech is coming out with a Betaine Nitrate product, might be worth looking... "

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