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What is Treato?

Treato is a new source of health information that aggregates patient experiences from the Internet and organizes them into usable insights for patients, healthcare professionals, pharma companies and other healthcare organizations. Treato uses "big data" technology to collect enormous amounts of data from healthcare social media sites and forums. Then, with advanced Natural Language Processing, Treato analyzes this information, and provides a window into patients' thoughts and attitudes.

What is Treato Pharma?

Treato Pharma is an innovative brand intelligence service for pharma marketers and agencies that provides in-depth analytics and real-time insights into patients’ thoughts and attitudes, built on the Treato.com platform.

What is the source of the data in Treato?

Treato’s content is based on health-related User Generated Content ("UGC") found in thousands of openly available health forums and blogs. The majority of the content is from discussion forums, since patients typically do not share their highly private health information in places where it can be identified as written by them, such as Facebook. Treato filters out spam, advertising and irrelevant sites, then crawls these healthcare UGC websites, scrapes their content, analyzes and presents aggregated patient experiences. The site displays an excerpt of the relevant item with a hyperlink to the source containing the full text.

How real time is Treato?

New discussions are typically indexed, analyzed and linked from within Treato within one to three hours after they are posted.

How reliable is Treato’s data?

By tracking vast amounts of data from an extremely large number of sources over a long period of time, Treato minimizes the risk of data manipulation by third parties or patients whose behavior or experience are outliers. While Treato cannot guarantee that its findings are error free, Treato’s advanced algorithms organize and statistically analyze the data to increase reliability. Treato derives benchmarks from its extremely large samples of data annotated by human reviewers. All algorithms are evaluated for their accuracy against these benchmarks. The development process is precision-driven and maintains a precision level of over 80% in most classifications.

Does Treato rank medications?

No. Treato analyzes billions of patient discussions to understand what patients are saying about their experience with regard to their treatments, diseases and side effects. Treato algorithmically identifies patients’ positive experiences about medications within their Web posts, for example acne that cleared up, high blood pressure that was reduced, a certain drug that "worked", and so forth.

Treato aggregates all of these discussions to calculate how many positive patient posts each medication received, relative to other drugs. Note that positive patient posts about medications are always aggregated in relation to a specific condition, since the same medication may be used for more than one condition.

Is the data on Treato statistically significant?

Treato should not be viewed as a quantitative measuring tool, but rather a qualitative one, that gives insights into patients' thoughts and experiences. For common conditions and treatments, the results may be statistically significant, but one should not undervalue a small number of posts about a very rare disease or side effect. In fact, one of the benefits of Treato is the capability to extract these types of "needles" from the "haystack" of data that is available on the Internet, shining a spotlight on issues that can be explored further using other methods.

How does Treato ensure patients' privacy?

As a corporate policy, Treato’s servers analyze and provide aggregated information only, and do not collect any individually recognizable information. Of course this means that Treato does not (in fact, cannot) provide any private information to any third party.

However, posts are accessible from Treato exactly as they were written, with no modifications or manipulations, so if the original post contains personally identifiable information, this information will be available to Treato users.

Similarly, comments sent by Treato users are stored at our database and once posted - are considered publicly available. We never pass any user contact information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for more info

What is Treato's policy with regard to site crawling and content scraping?

Treato abides by search engine netiquette and crawls only open sites and publicly available data. Treato’s crawlers do not impersonate real users, do not login to closed communities, and always follow robots.txt instructions. Content from third-party sites that is displayed on Treato is shown in snippets, with a clear citation of the source and a hyperlink to the full post on the original site, in a format similar to most Internet search engines. Treato encourages users to click through to the full content posts, and healthcare sites whose content is indexed in Treato have found that it refers a significant amount of relevant traffic.

If you are a site owner and would like Treato to remove pages from its index, please contact us.

What are the regulatory implications of using Treato Pharma?

According to the expert opinion of Alston & Bird LLP , pharmaceutical firms are under no obligation to investigate or report on any of the content that is learned using Treato Pharma.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are not obligated to investigate any adverse event reports or to report these to the FDA since the information is non-specific and the patients and reporters are unidentifiable, making interpretation of the significance of these reports impossible.

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