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Patients are participating in billions of health-related discussions online, generating vast amounts of untapped wisdom each day.

Treato automatically collects the massive amount of patient-written health experiences from blogs and forums and, with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), extracts relevant information, connects the dots and creates the big picture of what people say about their medications and conditions.

This is the first time that the social health web has been indexed on such a massive scale to generate the voice of the patient, accessible to everyone in the healthcare ecosystem


Treato's big data analytics are available in a consumer site and as an in-depth service for pharmaceutical marketers.

Treato's Consumer site provides an indispensible patient-oriented knowledge source which is completely advertising-free and free-of-charge, visited by hundreds of thousands of users each week.

Treato Pharma is an innovative brand intelligence service for pharmaceutical marketers and agencies that provides real-time insights into patients’ opinions and attitudes, enabling them to understand competitive positioning, determine DTC priorities, and enhance patient engagement.

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