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Zovia 1/35 is taken for: Birth Control Pills PCOS*

Zovia 1/35

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Zovia 1/35 for Birth Control Pills
1,171 conversations around the web about Zovia 1/35 to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Zovia 1/35 and compared it to other Birth Control Pills medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Zovia 1/35 cause Depression ?

#2 in Zovia 1/35 discussions - 69 posts discuss Depression with Zovia 1/35. Depression is #2 concern in Zovia 1/35 discussions.
We found 69 discussions
" ...Lessina (generic for Allese?) I am currently on Zovia, and it has caused me to gain 10 lbs in one month, and I am having bouts with depression. So, my doctor is starting me on Lessina, the generic... "

" ...on ortho-cyclen for years, then another pill, then zovia, then another one (I forget the names). All of them caused a dramatic drop in libido and contributed to depression. Exercise helped a... "

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" ...I was on but apparently not. I was also taking spriroalctone, met, and zovia. Now I'm not on any. Some have said I might have a depression problem but I'm not sure. Any one else with this... "

" ...shot. Also, this Zovia 1/35 is killin' me!!! I've snapped at everyone today and it's making me really mean. I am also crying at random times and its making me feel really depressed. I've only be... "

" I took Yasmin for a year and a half. It was ...normally I am very laid back. I just felt very depressed. I'm now on Zovia and I have none of those problems anymore I... "

" ...PILLS AND DEPRESSION If anyone has really angry and depressed. Could this be because ...taking? I am taking Zovia and h... "

" ...worse, microgestin (Loestrin Fe 1/20) which made me very depressed, but no more PMDD, now back on Zovia (Demulin) and... "

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" ...When I first went on birth control pills, I started with Yaz. It made me very depressed, I was even ...wasn't right. I switched to Zovia after taking Yaz ...years on Zovia I've been great! ... "

" ...helped my acne when I first started it, but not anymore. My sex drive is gone. My periods are no longer predictable and have become heavier. I'm having pretty bad mood swings, mostly leaning toward... "

" ...zovia, neurotic, i cried I took yasmin for almost 6 months,It was making me neurotic,I cried constantly,was angry and depressed-I just could not cope with anything.I switched mid pack to zovia... "

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