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Method of use: Injection, Pill, Syrup
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Ranitidine ( trade name Zantac) is a histamine H2-receptor antagonist that inhibits gastric acid production. It is commonly use...
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Zantac for Reflux
142,355 conversations around the web about Zantac to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Zantac and compared it to other Reflux medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Zantac & Aloe Vera

We found 226 discussions
" I took him off the Zantac today to start him on aloe Vera juice. It's supposed to work and better than medicating.... "

" ...only issue is the heartburn. I'm taking Zantac plus drinking aloe Vera juice and a pregnancy heartburn... "

" ...doc prescribed aciphex, because my zantac alone wasn't doing it. i really think the aloe vera combined with the meds is ...a day... with my zantac...... "

" I purchased some zantac along with the aloe vera juice. I feel MUCH better today and when I had my liquid protein shake this a.m. I slowed down and I didn't... "

" ...reflux before in my life and now have it everyday even though I am taking Nexium and Zantac......nothing helps.....Aloe Ver... "

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" aloe vera helps teh tummy feel better, ...that bad so she take Zantac with success. ... "

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" ...take Zantac 150mg 2x daily as well, never had any adverse effects from it. I ...drink 1 ounce of aloe vera juice 2x day, I ...helps more than the Zantac. Good luc... "

" ...a lot do I take minimum dose of zantac. The DGL licorice works well for me, as well as Aloe Vera and slippery elm. Hope you... "

" ...ppis daily, now my gerd/lpr is worse than I was before I took ppis daily. My acid rebound lasted 6 weeks of burning hell, I used zantac, tums and aloe vera to help... "

" Aloe Vera Juice I wanted to let ...that before I took zantac for heartburn I took aloe vera ...shot glass full. Now being on zantac sometimes I still have... "

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