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Xiaflex is taken for: Peyronie's Disease


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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Xiaflex in the US and Xiapex in Europe...
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Xiaflex for Peyronie's Disease
4,038 conversations around the web about Xiaflex to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Xiaflex and compared it to other Peyronie's Disease medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Xiaflex & Cost

We found 297 discussions
" considered Xiaflex? I have had very good results with Xiaflex and am heading ...listserv, by now. Also, if $$ is an issue, Auxilliam has a foundation to help with some of the xiaflex cost.... "

" ...guys feel about being part of a clinical trial of Xiaflex if the cost of the medicine to you is zero? Would ...What if there was a possibility that you might receive a placebo instead of xiaflex... "

" ...price to distributors of XIAFLEX ...with XIAFLEX ...XIAFLEX.... "

" Compared to surgery, the side effects of Xiaflex are minor. I had some pain and bruising after NA, too. Auxilium may or to get the high price they're talking about. Their attitude... "

" the end, the Xiaflex would be a medically ...and has always been. Now with Xiaflex, doctors will likely insist ...the end for everyone. The cost of Xiaflex should come down quickly enough "

" considering Xiaflex since there is only the one spot. What is the cost range of ...nodule, I will go back to Dr Seegenschmiedt. And, is Xiaflex used only for cords and contracture? Would i... "

" ...of how much Xiaflex might be used fairly well-defined. It looks like Auxilium is trying to price Xiaflex about 10 cents lower than a typical surgery and is hoping the insurers will pay. ... "

" ...treatment of shots with Xiaflex ...will not pay for Xiaflex treatments, so the price puts it out of my league, etc. The above is furnished for information in case anyone is interested in gettin... "

" ...Having decided to look into Xiaflex treatment my question is this... ...UK with the most experience of Xiaflex treatment and how much will it cost..? I'm pretty desperate to fix... "

" consider what it will cost and weigh that against the ...much lower than a treatment of Xiaflex. I don't ever plan to use Xiaflex again for many reasons, but one is the cost. Now I need to ... "

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