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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Alprazolam (trade name Xanax, number Availability among other generic) is a short-acting anxiolytic of the benzodiazepine che...
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Xanax for Anxiety
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We analyzed what people said about Xanax and compared it to other Anxiety medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Xanax cause Burning Stomach ?

#361 in Xanax discussions - 12 posts discuss Burning Stomach with Xanax. Burning Stomach is #361 concern in Xanax discussions.
We found 12 discussions
" ...tell you when I went through xanax withdrawal and nov. and took ...been in severe CNS and gut symptoms ever since. Stomach burns and my head its crazy madness, but ulcers could... "

" ...could be causing my burning stomach for over a month ...stop it, one Rolaid will stop it, even a XANAX will stop it! (it ...indigestion, but sometimes I'll the get heartburn WHILE I'm eating.... "

" ...taste 24/7. Had esophageal spasms for 4 ...up with a burning stomach ache, and sometimes ...insomnia. So I do take Xanax, but these problems started before I started the Xanax. I've had 2 ... "

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" Cipramil and Xanax were working great. Then my to wean off my 1.25mg of Xanax while I was working 11 hour stressful days..WAs ...home for weeks with a burning stomach and a head which felt... "

" ...ate the food i had such a horrible burning sensation in my stomach that ...died down and i took xanax to keep me relaxed. This ...anxiety that set off a burning stomach, but i am really scare... "

" mentioned that, my girlfriend has type 1 diabetes and we kind is stolen. I get horrible burning stomach pains. But every day ...downers together with stimulants and Xanax. ... "

" ...more anxious & jittery, not to mention the weird burning stomach sensation that lasts all day. All in all Swim ...anxiety or agoraphobia. So far, xanax has been the only thing... "

" ...before during my CT off Xanax. Sometimes my lips will burn ...found that I do have some problems with thrush, so gargling with diluted ...too because it helps the burning stomach as well (it... "

" acid reflux with a burning stomach - diagnosed as chronic gastritis 20's (but then I was having panic attacks and anxiety since a ...two weeks, a 1 mg. Xanax for sleep. - didn't get... "

" ...I ended up back in the Er because the xanax was not working AT ALL. I ended up taking IV fluids, pepicd in the IV since my stomach was burning, and some sort of anti nausea medication too.... "

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