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(Skin wrinkling)
wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin. Skin wrinkles typically appear as a result of aging processes such as glycation or, t...
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Common Wrinkles treatments discussed around the web
Botox 8,639 Retin A 3,934 Sunblock 1,039
205,630 conversations around the web about Wrinkles to help you make a decision
205,630 conversations around the web about Wrinkles to help you make a decision
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Wrinkles & Oregano Oil

We found 7 discussions
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" ...outer corners and crazy wrinkles around the eyes too. The wrinkles are very noticeable when ...usually start getting wrinkles but all mine ...try the cleanses, fasts, oregano oil, olive leaf.... "

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" ...recently is that both oregano oil and Iodine have skin-healing ...chin. I usually use a mixture of Lugol's solution and an ...night, and this has helped with wrinkles and sun damage. Another... "

" ...worry about fine lines and wrinkles. But I don't have many, Some products make my skin red, so it's a bit ...nose. My brother told me oregano oil closes pores but they have... "

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" ...the department stores that rids wrinkles and stretch marks? Seriously, the ...your hands on some Oregano Oil until you can get ...raw ginger root for recipes. Oregano Oil and Ginger Roo... "

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" I do -- I find that the Lugol's helps me to stay clearer and perhaps to reduce wrinkles? I have been having some ...added Lugols rather than the oregano oil) and it didn't seem to... "

" ...on it, like brown spots, wrinkles, etc. One of those things ...blood poisoning. Then I read that Oregano oil was great for killing ...I experimented. I discovered that using Oregano oil on th... "

" ...combination skin, moderate acne, some wrinkles & fine lines What is ...didn't want to go on Retin A or use other harsh ...a drop or 2 of oregano oil to my cleanser as an... "

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